We are excited to introduce you to another exciting week of Small Business Quick Wins! This weekly series takes an in-depth look at a small business’s online visibility. We present three easy strategies that will provide the greatest impact on improving its visibility and traffic via search engines, local, mobile and social profiles. Send us an email if you’re looking for an opportunity to be featured in future posts.

We’re proud to present another successful UpCity client to the blog, Atlanta Commercial Cleaners!

AtlantaCommercialCleaners.com is a cleaning service based in Atlanta, Georgia that brings more than 20 years of experience over its competition. The local business works in a variety of spaces, including construction sites, professional offices and buildings. Atlanta Commercial Cleaners focuses on individual needs, works around client schedule, and aims for the best price!

Before we get into the quick wins, we will pinpoint shining examples of Atlanta Commercial Cleaners marketing, which will help shape other businesses’ online visibility.

Positive Marks of Atlanta Commercial Cleaners

1. Indexed in the “Big Three” search engines.

When a website signs up for UpCity, it is given an in-depth SEO Report Card that can be used to track progress. Looking at this Report Card, Atlanta Commercial Cleaners is indexed in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  All small businesses should make sure that they are regularly crawled in these three search engine powerhouses. Indexing ensures their sites can fully benefit from their search traffic.

For more information on checking if your site is indexed, read one of our previous articles on the subject.

2. Local phone numbers listed on the homepage.

To locally optimize your website,  local indicators should be specified on the site. On the Atlanta Commercial Cleaners website, the location is indicated in the title tags and a local phone number is displayed on the page. This is a huge green light for local and mobile search. Geographical locators are always a strong element when trying to get on the local radar of customers. Although it can seem like common sense, but some local businesses prefer to use 1(800) numbers.

3. Created Facebook and Google Plus Local pages.

It is better to have a social media account than to not have one at all. Take advantage of the link authority social media pages give you and make a profile with a link back to your site. We always encourage being active and engaging on social media first and foremost, but do this method as a last resort. Atlanta Commercial Cleaners does this with their Facebook page and Google Plus Local listing.

Quick Wins for Atlanta Commercial Cleaners

1. Fix the broken link on the Services Tab.

Broken links make your site look less credible than they really are. Simply put, the quality of your website is generally a good indicator of the quality of your service. At the very least, finding a broken page or high quality page is what people think about if they stumble upon your site.

In the case of Atlanta Commercial Cleaners website, clicking on the “Services” tab from the homepage leads to an error page. The Services section is an important part of your site, so we recommend drawing up a page and inserting it directly on the “Services” tab. This step will be less interrupting to the visitors, and the fix should not take too long at all.

2. Create a Twitter account.

We were not able to locate a specific Twitter account for Atlanta Commercial Cleaners. Above, we praised Atlanta Commercial Cleaners for creating a Facebook account and Google Plus Local listing. Yet, the business will need to make a Twitter account for another essential social network presence. You will never know if a customer wants to connect with you through social media to ask a question or send positive support. In addition, Twitter is an efficient way to gain site traffic and promote content without a paying an extra penny.

Don’t worry about this task taking too much time, as we’ve got a step-by-step guide to creating a Twitter account in less than 10 minutes.

3. Submit site to Yahoo! Local.

The UpCity tool shows that Atlanta Commercial Cleaners has not yet submitted its business listing into the Yahoo! Local directory. Yahoo Local is a free online directory that helps your site’s local exposure.

This is another quick task that you can get completed. Check out our blog post on submitting your site to Yahoo! Local.

These three steps will begin to boost your traffic and visibility. Remember that this is an ongoing process that needs to be maintained like a well-oiled machine in order to see any long-term gains.

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