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Associated Reporters Int’l Inc. is a court transcription company located in Albany, NY that was established in 1986. It provides noteworthy court reporting, transcription services, and video recording for customers ever since. Associated Reporters delivers the best in customer service and works with independent law firms, hearing officers, and State and Federal agencies across the United States. The company is invested in making deadlines and working late into the night to meet your needs.

We are certain that Associated Reports Int’l lives up to its solid reputation! For now, let’s get right into the positive marks and quick wins!

Positive Marks for Associated Reporters Int’l

1. The company website has first-rate accessibility.

The better your site runs, the more likely it is to rank higher in search engines. Using our UpCity tool, we saw that the site loads quickly.

upcity tool

The quick loading offers users plenty of time to navigate the site and determine whether it fits their needs. When your website runs slower, it runs the risk of being penalized and ranking lower in the SERPs (search results pages). Good job keep loading times at bay, team!

2. The  website is indexed within all the major search engines.

If you want to get more traffic, it’s necessary that your site is crawled by the search engine bots. Site’s that neglect this crucial step are typically passed over and not ranked, as well as miss out on the potential for getting links or free traffic.

We see here in UpCity’s Current Indexing chart that Associated Reporters is listed in all three of the major search engines. This certainly brings more free traffic over time.

upcity tool

3. Associated Reporters has built up strong trust metrics.

For an additional boost over your competition in the search engines, attain a domain with a high level of authority. A website will gain higher overall rankings when it earns more trust. The Associated Reporters website has an authority level higher than 10, and its domain is older than one year. This definitely looks like a win to us. Great work, team!

upcity tool

4. The company has strong local indicators.

Using local indicators on your website signals to search engines that your business is especially relevant within a specific geographic area. You’re also more likely to show up in a user’s mobile search if the location and search term is relevant. ARII lists its address and local phone number several times on the homepage, making it easy for customers to reach out to the business. Stellar job, keeping your site locally optimized!

contact page

Quick Wins for Associated Reporters

1. Optimize targeted keywords for your business.

Keyword research is very important for your site to continue climbing in the search engines. In many cases, businesses choose keywords that are either a) too broad, b) too competitive, or c) not competitive enough. Neglecting any one of these aspects of keyword strategy increases the chance your site won’t get enough visitors.

In the case of Associated Reporters, its targeted keyword phrase is perhaps too broad and not specific enough. “Quality transcription” is a HUGE topic, and tells us very little about what the business actually does. Now “quality court transcription” may qualify as an overall better keyword, but are enough visitors searching for this term for it to be worth ranking for? These questions are what the company can research with our UpCity tool.

upcity tool

2. Create links to your social media pages.

To make an increased impact on webpage authority, we suggest linking out to your social media profiles. Not only does this tactic build trust between you and your customers, but it also gives the opportunity to connect more easily with your audience. ARII has profiles on both Google Plus Local and LinkedIn, and should be linking to them on its main site. We also recommend filling out each social media profile with photos and valuable content in order to provide value to your visitors.

google plus local page

linkedin page

3.  Add a blog to your website.

Websites with blogs are more likely to rank higher than sites without them. Blogs attract visitors using relevant, free content. If the content contains valuable and expert material, other sites may link to your site, giving your domain elevated authority in the process. The Associated Reporters Intl. Inc. website would be able to provide wonderful advice to its readers. This content can also persuade visitors to purchase your goods or services down the line. Associated Reporters is missing out on a grand opportunity to take its site traffic to new heights with content strategy. If you’re interested in learning how to create a WordPress blog for your website, follow our guide and go through the steps.

Associated Reporters has many things going for it but also quite a few things it needs to work on to be a more prominent force on the web. After following these steps, we’re sure ihe company’s online presence will improve!

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