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B & W Dive Co. is a full service scuba dive center located in Channelview, Texas. This center provides the best in PADI Scuba (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) certification programs for beginner-level participants. If you already have your diving certification, there are several classes available for both intermediate and mastery-level students, ranging from advanced open water courses, rescue certification classes, and signature instructor tracks. B & W Dive Co. also books group trips for engaging underwater travel sessions. This company believes that its customer services is of the utmost importance and won’t skimp on providing quality assistance every step of the way.

B & W Dive Co. is certainly a top-notch small business with top-of-the-line values! Now, it’s time for some quick wins! Let’s dive into the positive marks first, shall we?

b&w dive co. homepage

Positive Marks for B & W Dive Co.

1. The company has on-site local indicators.

B & W Dive Co. is a local company at its core. While local businesses do often times own websites, they often neglect the all-important aspect of making your website locally optimized. Inserting anchor text on your site with your City, State, Phone Number, and other local indicator signals to the search engines that you are a local business.

As a local business, your site gets preferential treatment in the search results pages with local and mobile search users. B & W Dive Co. fulfills its local optimization wonderfully, making sure that the search bots pick up on its information and shows up for relevant searches. Nice job, dive team!

b&w dive co. upcity tool homepage title

b&w dive co. location indicators

2. The business has excellent social media profiles.

Another large part of enhancing your online presence is taking part in social media. Social media adds another layer of reputation management and customer service to your business. Whatever is said on social media tends to stay there. Your best chance to keep track of customer opinions is to operate where they communicate. This way, B & W Dive Co. can praise any positive feedback and address any negative feedback. The company is already doing a fantastic job interacting and connecting on its Facebook page!

Facebook page

3. B & W Dive Co. has a considerable number of local listings.

It is an encouraged practice for local businesses to acquire as many local listings as they can. The benefit in claiming local listings is two-fold. First, your business instantly becomes more legitimate with every approved listing, building more trust to rank well in search engines. Additionally, you reach a much wider audience when you submit your business to different directories.

People who search directories are more likely looking to purchase a product or service because they are actively looking for businesses. A quick look in GetListed.org demonstrates that B & W Dive Co. is doing great in directory submissions. Keep it up!


Quick Wins for B & W Dive Co.

1. Build more backlinks for your website.

B & W Dive Co. is doing a terrific job on the local promotion side of its business but could use some work on the content and links side. For example, in our UpCity tool, we see that it has a low number of links relative to its competitors. Links are prime drivers of traffic and authority in the inbound marketing world.

You can build links by creating and sharing relevant content, writing guest posts, and submitting your site to more directories. As long as you keep building out your network of links on high-quality sources, your links should improve on a regular basis.

Backlinks Report

2. Connect your social media profiles to your website.

We’ve spoken on how well the business performs on Facebook, but what about its other social networks? B & W Dive Co. has Twitter and Google Plus Local accounts that it should link to on the website in order to reap the benefits. It won’t hurt to add more social markers to your site to make it even easier to connect with customers. Remember that you won’t know what customers are saying about your business if you can’t engage with them.

Twitter Page

3. Add a blog to your website.

Adding a blog can be as simple as a news update every now and again or an on-site video blog. Publishing a blog is an easy way to boost your authority and expertise. Blogging goes a long way towards link building, social media networking, and even bringing in leads. Remember that what you put into it is equivalent to what you get out of it, so keep that in mind if you decide to create one.

All in all, B & W Dive Co. already has a robust online presence, and making these quick fixes go a long way towards significantly strengthening it. Be proud team, and congratulations!

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