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Shooting Stars Dance Studios is a family owned and operated business located in Santa Clarita, California. The studio first opened its doors in 2000 as a one-room dance studio, and it has now expanded into two dynamic facilities in Stevenson Ranch and Newhall where children learn to dance in a manner that fosters growth over competition.

Shooting Stars offers a range of programs such as preschool classes, summer camps, and more. Classes are tailored for enthusiastic, educated individuals who seek to become aspiring dancers and performers. With so much value offered by a dedicated staff, you can be certain that Shooting Stars is an exceptional business.

We’re here to help Shooting Stars take its online visibility to a fitting level of greatness! Before we jump into the quick wins during the holiday week, let’s check out the positive marks, shall we?

Positive Marks for Shooting Stars Dance Studios

1. The company’s local indicators are top notch.

Shooting Stars is primarily a local business, and the website splendidly highlights its local indicators. To explain, the information from both of its locations is located above the fold as a website header and in bold font. These local indicators are important because they make it easier for Google bots to crawl the site and rank it higher in the search result for local visitors to find and view.

Local sites without clearly specified location data will not rank as well in search engine results, whether that be through desktop or mobile devices. Local data is especially significant for mobile search as it is integrated more heavily with local search. Great job keeping your information all in one place, guys!

2. The domain of the business is hugely authoritative.

The domain age largely contributes to your site authority and trust metrics. Ideally, sites with more than one year under their belts begin to see a greater benefit in search rankings.

Using our UpCity tool, we find that Shooting Stars studios has this in spades, with its domain active for more than seven years. In a sea of spammy websites, Google will take note of this fantastic metric and a site that stands the test of time!

3. Shoot Stars is ranking high for its targeted keywords.

Achieving a top ranking for your keywords is not easy, as any seasoned SEO marketer will tell you. Thankfully, Shooting Stars’ SEO work is indicating that it is ranking quite well for its targeted keywords. This demonstrates that picking the right keywords can yield top spots in specific search engine results pages (SERPs).

As shown below, the business selected keyword phrases that include local modifiers, like the city and state. Nice work keeping it simple, team! Choosing keywords that fit your targeted audience is half the battle in optimizing for SEO.

4. Shooting Stars makes full use of its social networking capabilities.

The company offers tremendous value not only through its Facebook pages, but also through its YouTube channel. Maintaining a presence in multiple social authority sites reflects heavily on your own site’s perception. This is doubly true if your site is relevant and provides valuable content to its dedicated audience.

Additionally, you will provide a variety of traffic if you offer diverse content on a consistent basis. We recommend you keep updating your social network accounts periodically to see increased referral visitors from YouTube.

Quick Wins for Shooting Stars Dance Studios

1. Add a blog to your site.

To further boost your search engine rankings, make sure that you add a consistent content source to your website. While it’s true that Shooting Stars adds much value on its Facebook and YouTube pages, we don’t see nearly as much on-site content produced. Blogs attract organic search traffic and will bolster your overall web visibility. Publish some original content through direct blogging on your website, and your company should see increased engagement by the community and increase new visitors.

2. Connect to more links through link-building strategies.

Through our UpCity tool, we see that the Shooting Stars website has accumulated very few external links bringing traffic to the website. To grow your web traffic and audience reach, your business will have to create some strategic outreach. There are a number of ways to build quality links, such as guest posting and submit links into a local directory, such as Yahoo Directory or Yelp. We recommend testing out both of these methods in order to gauge which one is most effective for your business.

3. Put your business on Instagram and Twitter.

We believe that Shooting Stars can go a little further and incorporate Twitter as well as Instagram into its social media marketing mix. The company already shares stylish  photos on its homepage and up-to-date statuses on its Facebook. It should be easy to migrate creative images into  the suggested social platforms. Even more so, these two social networks will generate additional traffic for your website.

Focusing on these site improvements should give Shooting Stars Dance Studios the edge it needs to further accelerate its online visibility. Here’s to a strong presence in 2014! Happy holidays!

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