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RIVS is web-based software that specializes in digital voice and video interviews located in Chicago, Illinois. Clients use RIVS to cut down on hiring costs, leveraging the ease of the Internet to acquire better candidate information in less time. RIVS also gives companies time to properly evaluate candidates, creating a more efficient job search process. Processing thousands of applicants is  difficult, with great candidates slipping through the cracks from time to time as a result. Companies that use RIVS will automatically manage job applications in no time flat!

Now that we have the introductions squared away, it is time to get more in-depth with RIVS and provide the company with quick SEO wins! First, let’s provide them some positive marks.

rivs digital interviews homepage

Positive Marks for RIVS

1. RIVS displays a clean, crisp site design.

Simple web design equals fluid navigation, and RIVS has this aspect down. The small word count throughout the homepage won’t disorient first time visitors, it will only draw them more in. In addition, the color scheme is inviting while not being overwhelming. The call-to-action is clearly represented, and the business’s unique selling proposition is instantly comprehensible. Very nice work, team!

2. The social media buttons are at the footer of the website’s homepage.

There is no need to weave through multiple pages in order to find the social media links for RIVS. The social media profiles are prominently displayed at the footer of the site no matter what page you are reading. Making your company more socially accessible builds trust and brand loyalty (especially if you respond in a timely manner). The goat icon is also a nice touch! Find out how to incorporate social media icons from one of our UpCity posts.

rivs social media icons

3. The company is ahead of the mark in search ranking.

RIVS ranks very well for relevant and competitive keywords such as “digital interview” and “video interviews.”  It goes without saying that ranking highly for important keywords related to your business boosts your visibility within search engines. In addition, it’s not easy earning top ten rankings for these search terms, so we can tell that the team has been working hard over there! If the company spreads out its influence to rank for more related keywords, RIVS will continue to receive increased search traffic.

rivs ranking increase upcity tool

4. RIVS has excellent trust metrics.

Trust metrics matter online, especially when search engines are concerned. The RIVS domain has been active since 1999, and this means its influence far outweighs the presence of newer sites in the same niche. While its trust metrics won’t instantly put RIVS at the top of the SERPs for whatever keyword it targets, trust metrics go a long way towards getting more links and referral traffic from other websites. Nice work!

rivs upcity tool trust metrics

Quick Wins for RIVS

1. Build more quality links.

RIVS’s backlinks pale in comparison to some of its higher traffic competitors. The number of links a site accumulates is not the only significant way to get ranked. However, a site with thousands of low quality links can still rank lower than a website with a few hundred medium or high quality referral links. We recommend that RIVS engage in high quality link building practices, such as blogging, guest posting, directory submissions, and linking out to sites that could utilize its services. Target authorities both large and small to refer a wide range of diverse audiences back to your site.

rivs backlinks upcity tool

2. Choose more long-tail keywords.

RIVS’s main keyword is “online interviewing.” Trust us, this keyphrase will take a while to rank optimally for as mentioned above. Shorter keyphrases are broader and easy to search for, which makes them highly competitive between large websites. Small websites have a decreased chance to rank in this case.

Nonetheless, it is important to continue to research lower competition, longer-tail keywords, such as “online interviewing for lawyers.” These types of keywords are gold mines of traffic that your competitors are most likely not taking advantage of. Targeting long-tail keywords can bring in a sizable amount of traffic back to your site.

rivs upcity tool curent rank

Judging by the number of positive marks and quick wins we cultivated through our study of the RIVS website, we are certain following our advice will yield great improvements to the site online visibility. Keep up the great work, team!

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