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Welcome to another special edition of Small Business Quick Wins!

BaytechMobile.com is a mobile marketing and digital communications firm located in Columbus, Ohio. The company’s main focal point is mobile services. In addition, Baytech Mobile offers a variety of marketing and tech services, such as email, SEO, and social.

From mobile coupons to QR codes and SMS messaging, Baytech Mobile provides the best in mobile advertising to a medium with already high open rates. During the past five years, more than 200 million smartphones have been sold, making the case for all businesses to get their mobile presence optimized.

Now that we are familiar with Baytech Mobile, let’s jump right into the website’s top marks!

Positive Marks for Baytech Mobile

1. The site’s infrastructure is built for speed.

We used our UpCity tool to check for Baytech Mobile’s positive marks, and we found a many advantages on its site. The homepage loads really quickly, which creates simpler crawlability for readers and easier access for Google bots.

Accessible homepages are important for website ranking in search engines, especially for mobile websites. The user can navigate a website when it loads faster. Furthermore, there is enough content on the homepage to keep the user engaged, but not enough to force Baytech Mobile’s website to slow up. Keep excelling at this loading efficiency!

2. The targeted keywords are in the TITLE and BODY tags of the website.

More on-site optimization greatness comes from Baytech Mobile! With its targeted keywords in both the body and title tags, the website creates an increased chance of becoming ranked for these important terms in search engines. These are the spots search engines check for relevance in both the site content and configuration.

If your brand does not generate enough traffic on its own as an authority site, it is also significant to include the keywords. Most websites fall under this category and either neglect to follow this step or keyword stuff their body and title tags. Great work keeping it simple, Team Baytech Mobile!

3. The website contains a great blog for customers to learn from and read.

Through it all, Baytech Mobile maintains a solid blog to inform its readers. Search engines pay close attention to sites that consistently update with relevant content for its users. Although Baytech Mobile is not constantly updating its blog content, it regularly posts text enough to keep readers thoroughly engaged. Of course, it cannot hurt to publish more content than once a month. Try it out, and see how posting about mobile will enhance your engagement and traffic levels.

Quick Wins for Baytech Mobile

1. Attain more high quality links for your website.

Simply put, we recommend Baytech Mobile work on boosting its authority and traffic levels by increasing its quality link count. It is necessary to have bigger sites link back to your business as a resource, so that search engines see this and increase your website visibility accordingly. Some quick ways to get quality links are by guest posting on other sites or by linking out to authority sites on your blog or website.

2. Make social media more easily accessible.

Upon going to the Baytech Mobile website, we can see that the social media buttons are listed clearly on the homepage. However, they are not shown anywhere else (save for the share buttons underneath the blog posts). Similar to how a business’s contact information should be viewable from any webpage, your social media links should also be shown on every page.

As a quick fix, simply include the social profile links in the footer next to the business’s contact information. This will help customers more efficiently connect and share with the website.

3. Target more specific keywords in your niche.

Earlier, we praised Baytech Mobile’s inclusion of its targeted keywords in both its body and title tags. However, we suggest looking at the keywords more closely because they are currently too broad. Oftentimes, Google includes keyword phrases on its first page that it deems are most authoritative, with thousands of backlinks and high quality shares. Right now, the business is targeting the keyword “mobile marketing.” However, a better course of action is to target long-tail keywords such as “mobile marketing for designers” or “responsive mobile marketing for small business.”

We recommend using the Google Keyword Planner or the UpCity application to generate effective keyword phrases. Take advantage of multiple long-tail keywords for maximum effect.

Moving forward with the quick wins that we mentioned here surely gives Baytech Mobile the edge against competitors in 2014. Keep updating your blog and optimizing your site, and you will be sure to see positive growth!

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