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South Loop CPA LLC is a boutique certified public accounting firm based in Chicago, Illinois. With two locations in the Chicago Loop and South Loop, the company specializes in servicing small to medium-sized business with accounting and tax preparation.

Not only does South Loop CPA prepare your tax returns, but it also adjusts your withholding taxes to minimize your tax expenditures. Each client strategy is individually customized, so you can be sure you receive the most optimized service for your particular finances. The company is available throughout the year for top quality customer service. Independent contractors, law firms, medical practices, retail businesses, and more stand to greatly benefit from South Loop CPA.

Are you ready to jump right into some helpful quick wins this week? Let’s look at South Loop CPA’s positive marks to get started!

Positive Marks for South Loop CPA

1. The site has an excellent design with a simple interface.

Simply put, South Loop CPA sports a smartly crafted site design that works in favor of the first-time visitor. Everything that is most important to know is easily found on the homepage, with links directing you to pages with more detail. Moreover, local and social indicators exist all in one place.

Giving visitors easy access to this information encourages them to keep coming back to the site. The user experience helps solidify in their minds that it won’t be a hassle to get in touch.

south loop cpa site design

2. Rich snippets are present within search results.

For specific types of information on websites, Google creates content within the SERP real estate. It is thanks to South Loop CPA’s on-site local data that Google populates its local rich snippet with detailed information such as hours, local address, and reviews.

This data is even more visually pronounced on mobile phone searches, increasing the likelihood of local web searchers visiting your establishment through mobile devices. As you can tell, this tactic is wonderful for local SEO optimization.

3. Great reviews and testimonials are visible to site visitors.

Every small business should display real-life testimonials and reviews within the view of the reader. These essential recommendations build trust for visitors and the Google search engine.

The local optimization benefits that this content provides cannot be overstated as well. South Loop CPA’s “Our Reviews” section links out to its Yelp listing, connecting it to a high quality authority and establishing its local presence.

Quick Wins for South Loop CPA

1. Delete duplicate listings.

When we entered South Loop CPA’s local data into GetListed.org, we found that the company may have a couple duplicate listings. Duplicates negatively affect search engine rankings. In fact, they may prompt Google to penalize your site, resulting in decreased local search traffic.

You can easily delete duplicates by visiting the site of the duplicated listing, logging into your account, and removing the listing. Below, we pictured two duplicate listings that could potentially impact the site’s search rankings. Get these quickly fixed, and you are good to go!

Please note that you can have multiple business locations as long as they are properly designated as such (it is okay to have unique address listings under the same brand name). Many top directories give you the option to add multiple locations, such as Google Places and Yelp.

2. Begin regularly updating social media profiles.

South Loop CPA maintains Facebook, Twitter, as well as Google Plus accounts. It is heartwarming to see such social media initiative in any small business!

However, it is also necessary to keep your pages updated. Keeping up-to-date profiles guarantees that your business shows up more in search results precisely because it demonstrates that your site is active. In addition, visitors regularly communicate with you and ask question through those platforms.

Social media cannot exist without the “social” aspect. Update your social media profiles at least once a day to start seeing active engagement on the pages.

3. Edit title tag to include geo-targeted keyword.

Your local business will rank better in the search engines if you include a more specific title tag. Currently, the homepage title tag reads:

“Accounting and Tax Preparation Firm based in Chicago | South Loop LLC.”

It can’t hurt to insert just a little bit more specificity to the keyword and include the location. This strategy helps increase your local rankings and will help your nearby customers find the best easier. In this case, all that is necessary is to add “Illinois” or its abbreviation to the mix:

“Accounting and Tax Preparation Firm based in Chicago, IL | South Loop LLC.”

We’re positive that once South Loop CPA gets these changes made, the online visibility will improve exponentially. Keep up the great work, guys!

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