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Happy New year everyone! In this week’s addition of Small Business Quick Wins, we take a look at SoMe, a digital marketing and social media agency located in Chicago, IL. SoMe’s mission is to drive traffic, sales, and leads to your business. The team works as an extension to your digital marketing enterprise, ensuring your business is kept in the loop and offering content relevant to your audience.

Not only does SoMe integrate seamlessly into your marketing flow, but the company also analyzes your competitors, target market, and product to consult on the best moves for your digital strategy. SoMe works with a variety of clients including startups, brands, large enterprises, and more.

Looks like SoMe is making big moves in the digital space, and is already on the right track in 2014. At first glance, the site looks excellent, so we expect solid talking points for this company. Let’s jump into the positive marks!

Positive Marks for SoMe

1. The company stays connected through content and social media.

SoMe actively create quality content for its social media. The content is all very creative and relevant to its target audience. Your content will get shared more if you connect on a deeper level with your social followers.

You can see for yourself in SoMe’s Facebook and Twitter pages; these examples clearly show how the streams are updated regularly to connect with users. Great job on social media content, team! Keep up the awesome updates.

2. SoMe ranks well for its targeted keyphrase.

The SoMe team also excels at its keyword strategy. Looking at the results in our UpCity tool, you can see that the business positioned itself perfectly for its main keyphrase, “chicago social media” and it is climbing higher in the SERPs. Targeting the right keywords is an imperative step for an effective digital strategy.

While aiming for the most highly trafficked keywords seems most outwardly appealing, this goal is often most difficult to attain rankings for in Google. Using more detailed, long-tail keywords will push your ascent in Google search results more quickly, and this still allows your domain to attain a large number of searchers in the end.

3. SoMe demonstrates a strong blog with engaging content for the audience.

SoMe incorporates strong blog content for its readership. The SoMe blog is updated about once a month. However, if  it is consistently published with new ideas, the steady amount of traffic will help increase the website’s online marketing. Of course, more visitors will arrive on your site if you create additional in-depth content.

Keeping a regular schedule suffices if there isn’t enough time to create content on a regular basis. An updated blog will keep your presence fresh and top-of-mind within the search engines. We advise you to check out one of our posts on creating an editorial calendar for your blog.

4. The homepage has structured data markup.

SoMe added the appropriate schema markup to its homepage. As a result, Google can identify the most important business information to prominently display as “rich snippets.” Using specified HTML tags, you can do this for your own site to help local visitors more easily assess your company. Local reviews and company information are a couple of data types you can choose to emphasize in Google SERPs.

For more information, refer to SEOGadget’s robust guide on rich snippets.

Quick Wins for SoMe

1. Start building out Google Plus as an additional social media network.

Indeed, SoMe created a Google Plus page, but in order to get the benefits having a page provides, we recommend you start posting more content. An optimized Google Plus page greatly contributes to search engine relevance for your business.

It’s for this reason that we highly suggest adding a Google Plus icon into your social media profiles on your homepage as well.

Taking a closer look, we find that the SoMe Google Plus page does not have a custom Google Plus URL. Owning a custom verified URL further connects your brand to the page. It allows other Google Plus users to connect with you more easily and efficiently.

For a detailed breakdown of how to claim your Google Plus page’s custom URL, read our previous post.

2. Create a mobile version of your website.

For good reason, 2014 has been crowned the Year of Mobile. Mobile devices are becoming more prevalent in our everyday lives, as well as in the lives of our customers. Soon, most of our networking will be completed on mobile devices. With these theories in mind, can your website keep up with the upcoming digital trends?

We inserted the website into MobilePhoneEmulator.com and received this result:

From this report, we feel the site would benefit from configuration for simpler mobile  viewing.

Other than these quick fixes, SoMe is on a positive trajectory to digital success in 2014! We hope these changes serve them well into the New Year. Thank you for being a great client, SoMe team!

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