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This week, we welcome another hardworking client of ours, ABV Security Systems!

ABVSecurity.com is a security systems integrator located in Raleigh, North Carolina. ABV Security specializes in providing excellent service for burglar alarm system integration, video surveillance, access control, and 24-hour alarm monitoring services. Since 1994, ABV Security has served a variety of markets, such as commercial property owners, homeowners, and a myriad of small and mid-sized businesses. This company has been in business for quite some time and retains a successful history of customer satisfaction!

There is no question ABV Security’s offline presence is at the head of the pack, but what about its online visibility? Let’s discover that and more by administering a quick analysis of its web presence.

First, how about we review some of ABC Security System’s top positive marks? Let’s get started!

Positive Marks for ABV Security Systems

1. Local indicators are displayed prominently on the homepage.

Not wanting to waste any time in servicing the customer, ABV Security places its local contact information right at the top of the page for easy access. Even more impressive is that each point of connection (email, local, and social) are all in the same spot. Surprisingly, we have not seen many local businesses pull this feature off. Search engines crawl sites for local information, which boosts their local authority.

2. Simple design that is easily navigable.

The business’s homepage is a telling indicator of how much scrolling you have to do (not very much at all). Fortunately, all the information that the visitor needs is wherever the visitor first lands on the page. Local contact information is above the fold for immediate viewing, as mentioned above, and in general the information is clear, compact, and concise. Google highly favors pages that load fast and are easily accessible. ABV Security delivers tremendously on both accounts!

abv security design

3. High marks for local reviews in Google Plus Local.

A simple search on Google for ABV Security reveals a good reputation surrounding the company. The business’s local SEO is very solid, as we can see from this Google Plus Local review summary available on ABV Security’s listing. Strong reviews strengthen ABV Security’s online visibility as well as maximize its authority in its competitive industry.

Quick Wins for ABV Security Systems

1. Clean up duplicate local listings.

After entering ABV Security’s data into GetListed.org, we located several instances of duplicate listings in a number of directories. We recommend deleting the duplicates so the business will not risk a negative impact by the search engines.

However, this tactic is a tricky one to get rectified. While duplicate listings are a problem, they are very difficult to fix in that some companies may not have the resources (technical or otherwise) to delete listings. Local SEO expert, Nyagoslav Zhekov, goes into more detail in his blog post, but to solve this problem there are a couple of things you can do:

a) Contact the directory directly by email or phone request.

b) Search through the directory’s FAQ for a specific solution to duplicates.

Otherwise, Nyagoslav’s article is a superb complete guide to removing duplicate listings. We highly recommend you give it a read.

2. Curate more blog posts on a regular basis.

As our blog consistently highlights, a blog is a powerful resource that boosts authority and trust within the search engines. The Google search engine regularly checks for timely content and gives positive marks to sites with high quality information on their blogs.

We went to the ABV Security Blog and found a small number of posts. At this time, the blog published some articles recently enough to be considered active and current. To take this content strategy to the next level, we advise ABV Security to commit to a publishing schedule and add blog posts on regular intervals. Customer loyalty is built upon commitment, communication, and trust; maintaining a blog completes this goal very effectively.

3. Sign up for an email subscription service.

Additionally, we find that ABV Security does not have any email subscription service in place. Remember that while a blog will certainly bring more traffic to a website, a blog without an integrated subscription service will retain less visitors.

Communicating regularly with your visitors through blog articles, newsletters, and special offers solidifies your loyalty to the customer. As a result, they will be more likely to return to your website in the future and make a purchase.

These tips are all terrific quick wins for ABV Security! We hope that upon completing these three tasks, the company increases its online presence. Great work on the site, guys. Keep it up!

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