We are excited to introduce you to another exciting week of Small Business Quick Wins! This weekly series takes an in-depth look at a small business’s online visibility. We present three easy strategies that will provide the greatest impact on improving its visibility and traffic via search engines, local, mobile, and social profiles. Send us an email if you’re looking for an opportunity to be featured in future posts.

We’re excited to welcome a great UpCity client to the blog as this week’s business to feature, Josh Lavik & Associates!

JoshLavik.com represents Josh Lavik, a Keller Williams real estate agent operating in Madison, Wisconsin. He is extremely dedicated and involved in local activities, which makes him perfect for understanding a home’s neighborhood and deciding its potential exposure. Josh is also heavily invested in local community groups throughout Madison and active within real estate networks around the country. You couldn’t find a more passionate real estate agent representing his local area.

With the background explained, let’s jump right into some positive marks for Josh Lavik & Associates.

josh lavik homepage

Positive Marks for Josh Lavik & Associates

1.  Location appears in the title tag.

When first creating their websites, many local businesses tend to forget the simple step of including a location in the title tag. Filling in your business name and targeted keywords is a perfect idea. However, do not neglect that to make the best of local optimization, the geographic location will need to be clear when Google crawls your site.

The specific location is in this title tag, which makes Josh Lavik & Associates much better suited for local targeting:

“Josh Lavik at Keller Williams Realty… Madison WI Homes for sale, and Real Estate”

2. Superb accessibility.

In the UpCity SEO Report Card screenshot shown below, you can see that Josh Lavik & Associates. creates positive accessibility to the website. Everything loads at a quick pace, which helps the company’s customers navigate the site with relative ease. Great work!

josh lavik accesibility upcity tool

3. Top notch local listings.

This company shows local listings in some of the top review and search platforms, such as Google+ Local and Yelp. Claiming your listings on these essential sites increases your business’s exposure not only through search engines but through local mobile search as well. You want to be featured where actual users are looking for businesses! In addition, mobile is increasingly becoming locally integrated so count this as a win too.

Screenshot of Josh Lavik & Associates

Quick Wins for Josh Lavik & Associates

1. Display prominent links to social media.

We know for a fact that Josh Lavik & Assoc. has all of its social media bases covered (including Twitter and Facebook). Yet, it’s not very easy to access them right now. We recommend placing your social media buttons on the homepage and throughout the website for quick navigation to those specific pages. We think it’s important to make it as seamless as possible for readers to access all social media pages.

2. Acquire more high-quality backlinks.

We return to the UpCity SEO Report Card now and see that although Josh Lavik & Associates shows relatively high authority, it still demonstrates a low backlink count. Without a high number of links, you cannot drive traffic to your page from external sources and beat high-ranking competitors.

Posting helpful comments or writing guest articles both inside and outside of your niche stand to generate a large amount of  authority and traffic to your site. Consistent high quality content on other sites will lead to the long-term growth of Josh Lavik & Associates’ web presence.

josh lavik backlinks upcity

3. Insert main keywords in title tags.

For this last quick win, we see the website’s main keyword phrase, “madison real estate agent” is not appearing in the main title tags. A simple edit in the website information will clear this right up. This quick fix will help you rank better for that particular and important search term in Google.

Looking at the success of Josh Lavik’s business, we are excited to see how it will grow in the future! Once these quick wins get squared away, Josh Lavik & Associates will have an improved online presence as well as a greater long-term traffic boost.

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