We are excited to introduce you to another exciting week of Small Business Quick Wins! This weekly series takes an in-depth look at a small business’s online visibility. We present three easy strategies that will provide the greatest impact on improving its visibility and traffic via search engines, local, mobile and social profiles. Send us an email if you’re looking for an opportunity to be featured in future posts.

We’re proud to present another hard-working UpCity client, Ryan Hoyt Designs!

RyanHoytDesigns.com is a residential home design firm based out of Victoria BC in Canada. The company specialties include consulting, design, and planning for renovation and construction projects. From single-family homes to multi-family dwellings, Ryan Hoyt Designs is based on excellent client services and referrals. Launched in 2005, the company has built a reputation of customer loyalty and quality service.

We can easily jump right into the quick wins, but first, let’s breakdown the positive marks that put Ryan Hoyt Designs ahead of the game.

Ryan Hoyt Designs Screenshot 1

Positive Marks for Ryan Hoyt Designs

1. Sleek website design.

Ryan Hoyt Designs demonstrates a smooth all-in-one interface that does not disorient website visitors. One-page websites are rising in popularity, thanks to the influence of mobile devices and people who are on the go. Google keeps a close eye on pages that administer proper usability and responsive navigation.

2. Local homepage indicators.

Another top mark for Ryan Hoyt Designs is its local indicators present on the homepage. Search engines read these indicators, such as the address and phone number, and rank local websites more favorably, especially where mobile search is considered. Always make sure the local address is clear and legible when Google crawls your webpage.

Ryan Hoyt Designs Contact

3. Consistent, up-to-date blog.

Ryan Hoyt Designs maintains a blog, which is another strong factor in online visibility. Keeping your blog updated and relevant is a note to search engines that you are providing value to your audience on a consistent basis. Displaying a quality blog is a significant authority trigger, which Google continues to favor highly within the SERPs.

Ryan Hoyt Designs Screenshot Grab

Quick Wins for Ryan Hoyt Designs

1. Fix the social media links in the header.

On the first part of the business’s homepage, we come to the header. If you click your mouse pointer on the social media links, they are inactive. The icons will not drive to the displayed social network. While this is a minor quick win, broken links hint at weak site configuration. Professional sites have working links with top notch usability. A small tweak to your blog settings should have them up and running again.

Ryan Hoyt Designs Social Media

2. Submit your site to local directories.

According to the UpCIty tool, Ryan Hoyt Designs is not listed in many local directories. We recommend adding your site to these essential local directories; most of them only takes a few minutes to complete such as Yahoo! Local or Yelp. You can guarantee that users will search their nearby location for businesses listed in local search websites, and it’s important to be found there.

In addition, make sure your listings are synced and show identical information. Claiming a local listing with conflicting data will negatively impact your presence.

Yext Example

3. Set up an email subscription option for your blog.

Although Ryan Hoyt Designs has a strong blog, it lacks a means to capture email subscriptions. Not only does this disincentivize direct contact with your email subscribers, it also leaves you with less information about the site visitor. With email subscriptions, your readers can reply directly to your business, allowing you to respond quickly and easily.

Creating an email option will produce a stronger sense of community around your blog, and your audience will be more likely to spread and share your content. Check out these top 25 blogs to read more tips about email marketing.

Overall, taking these short quick wins into account will go a long way to increasing your business presence and website traffic. Online visibility takes effort to cultivate but  creates a lasting foundation for businesses that build it well.

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