We are excited to introduce you to another exciting week of Small Business Quick Wins! This weekly series takes an in-depth look at a small business’s online visibility. We present three easy strategies that will provide the greatest impact on improving its visibility and traffic via search engines, local, mobile, and social profiles. Send us an email if you’re looking for an opportunity to be featured in future posts.

This week, we welcome another excellent small business UpCity client front-and-center, Brian Smith Pictures!

BrianSmith.com represents Brian Smith, a Pulitizer Prize winning photographer based in Miami, Florida. His iconic photographs have been used by several corporations in their advertising campaigns. In addition, many well-known publications have featured Brian’s work, including British GQ, Forbes, New York Times Magazine, and Sport’s Illustrated. He has also dined with the President and 3,000 of his closest friends!

This Pulitzer Prize winning photographer clearly demonstrates a great business model by taking astounding photos of famous celebrities, icons, commercial products, and the everyday world. We very happy to see he’s finding so much success and are excited to feature this UpCity member in the week’s post.

Now that we know Brian Smith’s business, let’s get started with our analysis of his online visibility!

Positive Marks for Brian Smith Pictures

1. High-quality link authority.

It comes as no surprise that Brian Smith Pictures owns many high quality links sending visitors to his site. Websites often link to BrianSmith.com with a very high pagerank and elevated levels of traffic. Remember that building a significant number of links, especially valuable domains, provides a large impact in how search engines rank your site compared to others.

2. Well-constructed on-site SEO.

Brian Smith’s website showcase balanced on-site configuration for the search engines (owns a sitemap, contains a robots.txt, etc.). In addition, it also displays local indicators in its homepage title: “Portrait Photographers in Miami Florida Celebrity Portrait Photography.”

All of these location factors combine to significantly boost your rankings within both local and mobile search. These components will surely help to move his site ahead of local competitors in the Miami area. As local becomes much more integrated with mobile, local indicators on websites prove more effective in showing up on mobile search.

3. Very strong social media presence.

Brian Smith owns a Twitter handle that clearly engages his followers. Simply put, engagement within social networks builds communication and trust. If you put in the extra effort on a regular basis, your customers will see the difference! Brian Smith knows the benefits of social engagement firsthand.

Brian Smith’s Facebook is more of a content hub to exhibit his most recent famous works. This ongoing communication keeps his followers informed and interested in his work.

Check out how the Facebook posts are synced with the GooglePlus page. The updates serve the same purpose in delivering interesting and timely content.

4. Demonstrates active conversion optimization.

Taking a look around his site, you see how the minimalist theme contributes to conversion optimization. Brian Smith Pictures displays beautiful photos and carefully arranges its engaging content. The content will not overwhelm visitors and keeps them wanting more.

The testimonials and social indicators also play a large role in converting traffic. Additionally, the contact form is a simple process for users, creating an easy way for the website to collect customer information and leads. We give this site an A+ for usability and navigation.

5. Complete local listings.

Upon entering the company’s local data into Yext.com, we saw that Brian Smith Pictures is listed in every quality local directory. Great work! These listings serve as essential citations that Google will contribute towards your local relevancy and increase your ranking results.

Quick Wins for Brian Smith Pictures

Brian Smith Pictures is a top-notch UpCity client and has previously completed most of the tasks provided in our tool. In addition to closely monitoring keywords, link-building, and reputation management, at this point we recommend adding some finishing touches to improve the site’s website optimization and visibility.

1. Create a mobile version of your website.

On a desktop computer or laptop, BrianSmith.com certainly looks advanced and stylish. Since the website is working effectively, we recommend that the mobile version be optimized as well. Using a mobile site emulator (courtesy of MobilePhoneEmulator.com) we see that the design on a mobile phone looks a bit cluttered.

Judging from this mock up, it would be a good idea to optimize the website for mobile viewing.

2. Complete setup for Google Authorship.

Google Authorship is a fast fix that will increase your visibility. Authorship verifies your “online signature” for the content that is listed in Google. We completed a little digging and discovered that the Brian Smith Pictures website was not completely verified for authorship.

Upon entering his website to verify Google Authorship, we came upon these results:

We crossed checked his Google+ profile for Google Authorship, and it turns out that it is not completely configured yet. Read our article on how to add authorship to your site, for more information.

With these wins in mind, Brian Smith Pictures will amplify its optimization to an already strong foundation of online visibility.

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