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Can you believe it’s October already? Fall is already upon us, candy and costumes are filling store shelves, and for some of us, the dreaded white stuff will soon be here. We know there’s a lot to be done before the holiday season arrives, however, so let us help you by making sure you keep up on all the latest happenings around the Web.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Beginner SEO and Marketing

How to Claim Your Business Name Online — When you choose a business name, you have to do much more than just register it. You need to claim the name elsewhere on the Web to ensure you are present where you need to be and in control of your brand.

Infographic: A Smart Social Media Checklist — The Whole Brain Group created a nice infographic that should help make sure you’ve covered all the bases when creating your initial social media marketing strategy. We thought this would be great printed, laminated and posted on the office wall.

Getting Your Small Business Started on Yelp — Yelp can give your brick-and-mortar business a huge boost. Not only is it a large search engine on its own and a great place to collect reviews, but it can elevate your site in the local search results. Haven’t set up your business on Yelp yet? No problem. TJ McCue has just the thing here to get you started.

Content Marketing: Master the Content Loop in 7 Steps — There’s much more involved in content marketing than just writing something and hitting publish. According to this guest post on V3, there are 7 steps and we think they’ll give you a solid start. You might also want to have a look at Charlie Cook’s Ultimate Writers Checklist.

Intermediate SEO, Marketing & Business Tips

Marketing Competition 101: The 3 Types of Competitors to Keep an Eye On — Your competitors are an excellent source of information and ideas for targeting your ideal customers. Do you know who your competitors are? Are you sure? Check out this post from MarketingSherpa to be sure.

How to Properly Run a Facebook Contest (And What to Avoid) — When running a competition, there are a number of written and unwritten rules you’ll need to follow. These rules will not only prevent you from getting your Facebook Page deleted, but they can also help you get better results. V3 has a fantastic guest posts on the basic dos and don’ts.

5 Tips for Creating Stellar Marketing Videos — Videos give your website multiple opportunities to rank in the search engines and expand your reach. It can also open your website to those unable or unwilling to read your site content. Not sure where to get started? BoostSuite had a great post on the basics of video content this week.

5 Tasks You Should Do Immediately After a Google Ranking Update — You hear about algorithm updates all the time, but what should you do when you hear about one? Courtney Mills has a few suggestions.

Advanced SEO, Marketing & Business Links

B2B Marketing Innovation eBook — Break Free of Boring B2B With These 33 Tips — B2B marketing can be quite a challenge. Want to add life to your campaigns? Get more from your strategies? Lee Odden and the team at TopRank have released an ebook filled with tips and ideas we hope will inspire you to find new profits. You might also want to read the interviews he published with Mack Collier and Rob Yoegel of Monetate.

A Crash Course in Landing Page Conversion — The landing page is the most important step in your conversion funnel — No matter what happens prior this, if this page falls short, all your hard work will be for nothing. You might also want to have a look at Duct Tape Marketing’s How to Create a High Converting Landing Page.

Build a Content Marketing Calendar, Customers Will Come — Last week we mentioned editorial calendars for your blog and your email marketing. If you’ve tried it, you already know how well it works. Why not try it for your entire content marketing strategy? Looking to get more out of each piece of content, but need some ideas? Try One Piece of Content, 20 Ways to Use It from Clear Thought.

Great Posts Published This Week Everyone Should Check Out

What Customers Want Most From Small Business Mobile Websites — Not sure if you should have a mobile site? Not sure what your mobile-friendly site should include? What to focus on? This piece from CrowdSpring might have answers for you.

Five Simple and Actionable Local SEO Tools — We were thrilled to be one of the five local SEO tools recommended by Tom Demers in his Small Business Trends article this week. Be sure to check this one out and test all the shiny new toys. Duct Tape Marketing also covered the how and why to make a mobile-friendly website.

Myspace Returns With New Design Focused on Creative Professionals — Myspace is trying to regain some of its lost market share with yet another round of changes. What’s different this time around is that they’re using their existing user base (the creative crowd) to their advantage. What do you think of its latest rebirth?

LinkedIn Introduces 1-Click Endorsements — LinkedIn also made some changes this week and made it easier for you to endorse others. Do you endorse others on the social network?

Study: Social Media Is Eroding Search Engine Traffic — After hearing these numbers from Hitwise, the search engines might be spending less time watching market share numbers and more time watching social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Do you think this indicates a significant change in user behaviour? Should the search engines be worried?

Lots happened in the world of Google this week, as well. The search engine:

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