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It’s almost time to start talking about the dreaded “C” word when a jolly old man in a red suit comes down the chimney. You’re likely already preparing for the holiday season, so let us help you make as much use of that time as we can.Beginners can get a great head start on their website. They can also get an in-depth look at creating and maintaining business blogs. Facebook and making the most of your marketing were big topics for intermediate DIYers this week, with posts from V3, Deluxe, Ion Search and Masterful Marketing.

Advanced SEOs and marketers can learn about competitive analysis, and improving conversion rates on their forms and email marketing. And while there isn’t much news coming out of the search engines this week, you still want to make sure you check out the study and other tidbits we found.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Beginner SEO and Marketing

The 25 Questions Your Site Must Answer — If you’re building a website, you need to take every possible step to ensure it caters to the needs of your visitors.  Not sure what those needs are? Try this post from Lisa Barone.

How to Write the Perfect B2B Blog Post — Guest blogging is one of the best ways to attract a new audience and build links, but you need to design it to succeed. Eloqua shared a few fantastic tips and the link to a free ebook on B2B guest blogging.

Creating an Editorial Calendar for Your SMB Blog — Managing a business blog can be a lot of work. Not only do you have to create the content, but you also have to make sure is stays interesting for readers and satisfy your SEO needs. An editorial calendar is a great way to keep it all straight. If you’re looking for ways to boost your blog, you might also want to read Matt McGee’s Small Business Blogs: Ongoing SEO Tactics.

Intermediate SEO, Marketing & Business Tips

How to Get People to Check in On Facebook — Creating and running a page of Facebook is one thing. Getting people to interact and take the time to check in is something completely different. Customers won’t generally take extra time to do something unless they’re motivated to do so. Deluxe does its part to help by sharing some ideas for encouraging customer interaction. You might also want to have a look at V3’s posts 7 Ways to Boost Your Brand’s Facebook Performance and Facebook: Focus on Performance, Not Awareness or Engagement.

Customer Service — An Overlooked Factor in Marketing — Customer service is often looked at as fire fighting — an attempt to satisfy upset customers, or at least dealt with quietly. Businesses rarely see it as a marketing opportunity, but maybe they should. According to Masterful Marketing, it’s the perfect marketing opportunity.

5 Landing Page Best Kept Secrets — Anyone can build a landing page, but it takes years of practice and testing to create an effective one that earns the maximum amount of return. This week, ion Search released a post that included some powerful tips and hints that are often only learned through experience. If you’re creating any kind of landing page, be sure to check this one out.

Advanced SEO, Marketing & Business Links

Orphan Forms: Marketing 101 Change Drives 32% Increase in Form Completions — Find out what happens when a newly hired copy editor finds an orphaned form and tweaks it. We found it so inspiring that we may tweak some of our own forms and sign-ups.

Does the Word ‘Free’ Affect Email Deliverability & Click-Through Rates? [A/B Test] — There is much debate over the word ‘free’, especially in email marketing. Some marketers feel it triggers spam filters. Others say it doesn’t and it increases click-throughs. What do you think? Hubspot decided to get to the bottom of things. Find out what their tests revealed. You might also find Case Study: Creativity vs. Clarity in Email Subject Lines from MarketingSherpa helpful.

How to Find Out Which Keywords Your Competition Is Targeting — Do your competitors seem to be doing extremely well in some areas? Not sure where their traffic is coming from? Want to know how well you’re doing in comparison to others? This post from Flyte will help you find out exactly which keywords your competition is using. Small Business Trends also had a great piece on competitive research using social media that we found was a great help.

Great Posts Published This Week Everyone Should Check Out

OpenTable Has More Restaurant Reviews Than Yelp (Who Knew?!?) — Customer reviews are vital for any business, even if it doesn’t operate online. When you think about restaurant reviews, OpenTable rarely comes to mind first. According to Matt McGee, however, you might want to change your way of thinking. Have you visited OpenTable lately? And speaking of local SEO, Scott Gallagher published an excellent resource on where to get citations and links that you might want to have a look at.

Google+ Introduces Enterprise Social Networking Features for Businesses — In another step to increase interaction on the social network and increase adoption, Google released an enterprise version of its social network. It includes workplace settings and a number of other features, as well as the promise of more features to come. Small Business Trends has the details.

Study: Organic Listings Get 94% of Searcher’s Clicks — With Google showing fewer organic results per page, and it requiring more work than ever to secure one of those spots, is it worth the effort? A recent study from MGroupUK and Nielsen think so.

20 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools You Should Be Using — Monitoring social media can be extremely expensive, especially when you start looking at comprehensive programs like Radian6. This post from Ilana Becovitz includes a number of tools you can use to get results close to that of expensive software. Some of these programs we’ve heard about, and some we hadn’t.

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