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With school fast approaching (or the kids already in school), you are likely looking forward to a few peaceful kidless moments. Let’s make sure you can make the most of those moments by helping you find the best news and posts from the week.There were a ton of great posts published for beginners this week. Not only can you learn how to start and plan a full social media or SEO strategy, but you can also learn how to identify your ideal customer, which is pivotal for any business.

Intermediates can learn how to greatly improve conversions through buzzwords, diversity, and integration. There was also an interesting concept presented this week that may help you improve your email marketing and diversify your income. For advanced DIY readers, there were three fantastic posts that should help you further refine your marketing and increase your conversions.

And as always, don’t forget to check out the news. Let’s get started, shall we?

Beginner SEO and Marketing

Evaluate & Energize Your Social Content Marketing Strategy — Lee Odden presented at a social media breakfast this week and he walked the attendees through a very important step in their social media marketing strategy: the beginning. If you’re not sure what you should consider before crafting your strategy, or want to put the life back into the existing one, read this post.

3 Facebook Tips You Should Be Using Right Now — By Duct Tape Marketing, this post covers some of the new features on the social network, as well as some of the features businesses often forget about. If you’re just getting started with social media marketing, this is another good one to have a look at.

How to Identify Your Ideal Customers — Of course, before you can worry about social media SEO, or building your website, you first need to know who you’re marketing to. Rebar Business Builders has a fantastic quick post on how to do just that. And when you’re ready to dig deeper and learn more about your ideal customers, try Social Media Marketing: Data Mining Twitter for Trends Sentiment and Influencers from MarketingSherpa.

The Best Social Media Platforms for B2B Marketers — Just because a study shows one particular site is better for B2B marketers in general doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better for your business. However, it does give you an idea of which ones you might want to start investigating first. Have a look at this post, which includes some of the strengths of each network. Matt McGee covered the topic as well this week.

SEO for Small Business Blogs: Introduction — If you’re thinking about building a website for your business, or have made the mistake of creating a website without considering things such as SEO, have a look at Matt McGee’s series on SEO and blogging. It’s filled with explanations and advice for all the decisions you’ll need to make in the next little while. You might also want to look at this post from Create Business Growth about specialist WordPress themes, V3’s post on mobile sites, and iNeedHits’ post on how many pages a website needs for SEO.

Intermediate SEO, Marketing & Business Tips

Call To Action (CTA) Buzzwords That Drive Sales — Even if you do a fantastic job of driving traffic and convincing them to buy, you still have to convince your site visitors (or email recipients) to take action. And this is where even one letter can make a huge difference. BoostSuite had a great post on this topic to help you identify and create your own personal list of effective buzzwords.

Marketing With Scarcity: How You Can Apply the Most Effective Selling Technique to Your Business — As Yaro mentions in this post, you can definitely overuse the scarcity tactic and do more harm to your business than good. Like everything, however, there is a place and a time for this tactic. And with a little creativity, you can use this tactic to create some amazing marketing strategies. Have a read and let us know what you think.

Integrated Marketing: If You Want Your Digital Media to Be Great, You Must Integrate — Did you know there are four types of media your business can make use of? Are you making use of them? Check out this post from Lee Odden and see.

How to Sell Affiliate Products on Pinterest — A recent guest post on Problogger detailed how you could use the social network to sell affiliate products. This may not be a long-term money making idea, and it may not even work since Pinterest has tested a program known as skimlinks that redirects your links to their affiliate links. However, it is a fantastic guide for featuring your own products, content, and services on the site. Have you tried something similar? Any tips to add? There are even tools to make your Pinterest marketing easier.

Use Live Video in Your Email & Increase Engagement — Usually when you read about email marketing, you expect to hear about subject line testing, length, and maybe even how to add links to your emails to get the best response. But, what about video? Interesting concept, right? Vertical Response explained how this works and why you should at least try it.

Advanced SEO, Marketing & Business Links

Establish and Increase Your Service Area in Google — Scott Gallagher produced an interesting piece on how you could effectively expand your local service area in Google properties. While we’re not so sure about how effective some of them are in regards to how they’re viewed by Google, they’re great tips for increasing your authority and reach regardless.

4 Critical Metrics You Won’t Find in Google Analytics — Google Analytics is filled with all sorts of valuable information, but you need to remember that it can’t tell you everything you need to know. Alex Cohen did a post a while back on four metrics it’s missing that you certainly don’t want to forget about.

3 Keys to Conversion Optimization: Mikel Chertudi of Adobe — Adobe is one of the most successful brands on the Internet. Want to know how they make conversions? Find out right from the source. Another good presentation given recently was from Steven Yap from Google who focused on adjusting your search engine marketing strategy to meet the needs of your consumers.

Great Posts Published This Week Everyone Should Check Out

Warning: Google Says Next Ranking Update Will Be Big — Google is updating its algos again. No surprise here. What is pretty surprising, however, is how drastic the next one is expected to be. Cutts released a few details at SES San Francisco and you can find them over at iNeedHits.

Google Alerts Searchers to Sites Blocking Googlebot in SERPs — If you’re blocking pages using robot.txt, you might want to go back through these pages and reconsider whether it’s the best idea.

Other news updates from Google this week include Google+ now offering vanity URLs and the announcement that the search engine will now start penalizing sites that violate copyright laws.

Twitter Acquires, Shuts Down A/B Mobile Testing Service — Twitter had some big news items of its own this week with the acquisition of This can only mean big changes for the mobile versions of Twitter and its official clients and we can’t wait to see them.

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