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While it’s not exactly marketing or SEO related, the bankruptcy of Hostess was big news this week. And if you’re still recovering and worried about your favourite products like we are, let yourself relax with the hottest topics and blog posts from the week.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Beginner SEO and Marketing

How Does Google+ Compare to Facebook and Twitter? — Not sure if one or both of these networks is worth your time? Not sure how to fit them into your marketing strategy? This infographic on OC Biz Blog might hold some answers for you.

How to Discover Your Perfect Value Proposition — Perhaps the most important marketing decision you’ll make when starting a business is defining your perfect value proposition. This is the one thing that makes you valuable to customers and sets you apart from the rest of your competition. Not sure how to do it? Try the simple method laid out in this post.

The New Marketing Machine — While we wouldn’t necessarily recommend using multiple authors and guest posts as a one-strategy-fits-all solution or one that you should use on your own, it can be a great help. And so can many of the interesting tips in this guest post on Duct Tape Marketing.

Intermediate SEO, Marketing & Business Tips

7 Link Building Philosophies for a Post-Penguin World — Have you been struggling with what you should and shouldn’t include in your link building plans lately? If so, you’re not alone. It was a hot topic at SESChicago this year and TopRank’s Jolina Pettice shared some of the informational goodies to come out of it. And if you’re looking for more from SESCHI, try 10 of the Best Kept Secrets to B2B Videos or 14 Online Marketing Wake-Up Calls From @Avinash.

Holiday Promos That’ll Get Your Registers Ringing — If you’re struggling for some holiday marketing ideas, we suggest you have a look at this post from the ever-informative Vertical Response. Some of the concepts listed here are really quite clever.

Advanced SEO, Marketing & Business Links

Lead Generation: 23% of Marketers Consider Key Pain Point an Important Form Field — MarketingSherpa published more on the findings from their 2012 Lead Generation Benchmark Report. In this installment, Daniel Burstein focused on gathering data through forms. We found the results and tips to be quite interesting.

Online Advertising: Retargeting Drives 3% to 7% in Incremental Topline Review for CafePress — If you’re still debating the idea of using ad retargeting, have a look at this interesting post from MarketingSherpa about CafePress. It’s short, sweet, and has some interesting ideas sprinkled throughout. If you’re convinced, follow this post up with a visit to MarketingSherpa’s post entitled Remarketing & Retargeting Done Right and Wrong — 6 Do’s and Don’ts from SES Chicago.

Great Posts Published This Week Everyone Should Check Out

New! Pinterest Business User Accounts — Pinterest has taken steps to encourage more businesses to make use of its network by releasing some new business specific features.

Facebook Now Testing Threaded, Ranked Comments — Comments have always been a bit of a nightmare on Facebook, particularly when there are lots of them or if you’d like to reply to a specific comment. If you’ve experienced this frustration, you’ll be happy to know that Facebook will soon be releasing a solution. We also heard this week that Google is rolling out a new search results page layout. Have you seen either of these?

Google’s Market Share Slips Below 90% in UK — Other interesting news from the search engines this week included a dive in Google’s UK market share. Why do you think this is? And most importantly: Do you think this is the start of a continuous and worldwide trend? (On a side note, Google confirmed another ranking update was released this week.

Twitter Limiting More Than Just Users’ Character Count — If you use or develop third-party platforms and apps for Twitter, you may want to have a quick read.  If this news is right, things could get pretty ugly for some Twitter users in the next few months. And speaking of limits, you might also find the debate over whether or not Facebook is secretly decreasing the reach of business pages.

Nokia Releases In-App Advertising Solution for Multiple Devices — While we’re sure this is just the start of new, innovative mobile ad solutions, we thought this was an interesting solution for businesses looking to take a bigger bite out of the ever-increasing mobile market. What do you think of the idea?

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