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 Your holiday campaigns are planned and in full swing, right? If not, you’re likely stealing every spare moment not taken up with Halloween plans and the Christmas customer rush to get it done. If so, let us help you save some time by going through some of the best posts and news items we found this week.

 Let’s get started, shall we?

 Beginner SEO and Marketing

 The Importance of Search Engine Friendly URLs — The structure of your URLs is just as important as any other on-page SEO factor. Are your site’s URLs as user and SEO friendly as they can be?

 7 Rules for Writing Awesome Content — Creating great content doesn’t happen by accident. Like an amazing pie or cake recipe, you have to use the right ingredients and blend them together just right. Lisa Barone published a great list of ingredients and instructions for writing content that get you some action.

 Google Analytics Guide: 4 Easy Tips for Getting Started With Analytics & Website Goal Setting — Once your website and marketing is set up, you need some way to track it. TopRank published a fantastic beginner’s guide this week to get you started.

 6 Essential Steps to Creating a Local SEO Campaign — In many instances, focusing on the local area can be extremely profitable, an ideal way to generate business while working on global rankings, and the perfect way to make money in a competitive niche. Not sure where to begin? Courtney Mills highlighted the six steps from a fantastic SEOBook article that is sure to get you started.

 Intermediate SEO, Marketing & Business Tips

 5 Ways to Generate More Email Sign Ups — The more subscribers you have to your mailing list, the more potential you have for profit. But building your list involves more than just getting email addresses. You need to convince the right people to sign up. And how do you do that? Ask John Jantsch.

 33 Tools and Resources to Increase Website Trust and Sales — No matter what you’re offering site visitors, you’ll never get a conversion without trust. The tough part is creating that trust without being able to speak to the customer one-on-one, but it’s not impossible. TJ McCue had some excellent questions and answers to help you build trust and increase conversions.

 Advanced SEO, Marketing & Business Links

 Email Marketing: 83% of CMOs Say Social Media Will Affect Email Programs — Wondering what’s new in the world of email marketing? Not sure where it’s heading or what you can do to stay on the forefront? According to MarketingSherpa, it’s social media and mobile. See what Daniel Burstein had to say this week to find out more. They include the most frequently used devices, formats, and search methods.

 MarketingProfs B2B Forum: Integrating Social Media & Content to Optimize the Sales Funnel — If you’re tweaking or creating a content strategy, and are not quite sure where to go from here, have a look at some of the stats Lee Odden included in the post on his upcoming talk.

 Great Posts Published This Week Everyone Should Check Out

Google Brings Back Keyword Meta Tag for Blogs and New Sites — They were once a basic must-have for every site on the Web that wanted to get indexed in Google, but were removed after being horribly abused and misused by webmasters. Now, Google has reintroduced this feature for blogs and sites publishing to Google News. There’s a bit more to this announcement, but you’ll have to head over to iNeedHits to find out the rest.

Google Floats Idea of Yahoo Partnership — If this headline gives you a sense of déjà vu, you’re not alone, but this time, it might be a bit more meaningful. Do you think Yahoo’s Google connection will smooth the way for this deal to go through? Microsoft fought back by telling Safari users to switch to Bing. That being said, Yahoo & Bing did form a partnership this week. They joined Media.Net to build their contextual ad network.

Facebook Launches Promoted Posts for Users — Now that promoted posts for pages have been launched, Facebook has now opened this feature up to standard US users. Think this is useful? Will you use this feature? LinkedIn also made changes this week and introduced a new followers feature, in case you missed it.

Bing Teams Up With Klout for More Influential Search Results — Bing has joined with Klout to create an experts feature that will appear alongside its search results. This doesn’t have everyone rejoicing, however. What do you think about this move?

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