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Beginner SEO and Marketing

Is Korrect Speling and Grammer Still Importint? — It might be a horrible title, but the article makes a very important point. Is your content holding you back?

How to Improve Site Optimization Fast — Is it time to give your SEO a boost? Don’t worry. It doesn’t need to take as much time as you think. StartupNation’s Melanie Rembrandt had some tips for improving your optimization quickly.

Converting Community and Customers Into Reliable Referrals — Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most powerful and profitable forms of marketing available to businesses. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to replicate, but Small Business Trends has a few ideas.

Buzz Suggests Podcasting Is Becoming More Popular — The latest numbers from eMarketer suggests podcasting is growing and listener numbers could more than double over 2008 levels. Have you tried this medium? Do you listen to podcasts? And if so, which ones and why?

5 Ways To Use Marketing Videos on Your Site — By now I think we’ve all heard about the importance of creating and using videos in your marketing, but how should you use them? What kind of videos should you make? Lisa Barone had some good ideas to inspire you.

How Much Time, Money Do Small Businesses Spend on Social Media? — Vertical Response published an interesting infographic on small businesses and social media. If you’re wondering if your budget is in line with other SMBs, or you market to them and wonder if social media is worth your time, this data should help.

Blog Wars: WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr — Which Platform Rules? — When starting a blog, one of the first decisions you’ll be faced with is which platform to use. Of course, you can change platforms later, but it can be a huge hassle. And it’s not without a high cost. Vertical Response looks at today’s popular platforms to help you choose the right one the first time. You might also find 8 Tips to Help You Attract More Readers, Sales and Business Leads from Jim Connolly helpful in your quest for blogging success.

The Dangers of Brand Dilution — How to Create a Potent & Powerful Company Identity for Your New Startup — A business name can be a main determining factor in the success of a business. StartupNation has a great post by Phillip Davis on how a poor name choice could be sending traffic to your competitors.

Should You Continue Article Marketing? Google’s Matt Cutts Answers! — With the arrival of Panda and Penguin, webmasters worldwide have debated the value of article marketing and links from widgets, footers, and themes. Matt Cutts have now come clean on Google’s opinion of these tactics.

Intermediate SEO, Marketing & Business Tips

The B2B Lead Generation Manifesto — TopRank published a sponsored post with some brilliant tips and information that will get you well on the way to generating traffic and leads.

Google Authorship Program — Benefits for Content Creators — If you’re looking for an easy way to give your content a bit of an extra boost in the search results, the Authorship Program may be just what you’ve been looking for. You might also find V3’s post on creating a content marketing strategy using Google Reader to be helpful.

How to Identify Your Social Influencers — The success of your social media marketing has nothing to do with how many followers you have or how many social networks you use. It’s dependent on how many social influencers you get attention from and how you make use of it. Lisa Barone explains how you can identify them.

Six Ways to Create Buzzworthy Content — The more people who visit your site and read your content, the more you’ll get back from it. This means creating content that’s going to grab attention and get people talking about you. This guest post from Duct Tape Marketing has some excellent suggestions. You might also find Two Sample Editorial Calendars for Bloggers helpful.

7 Pay-Per-Click Advertising Options That Are Not Google or Bing — Google and Bing’s paid ads may be the most popular, but they’re not the only PPC kids on the block. Depending on your audience and marketing choices, some of these other options may be a better idea.

Social Media Marketing: A Look at Contests From the Customer’s Perspective — Contest can generate a lot of attention, but successful contests involve much more than just setting them up and giving away a few prizes. Daniel Burstein had some excellent tips for businesses considering this marketing tactic.

The Real Reason Your Guest Post Flopped — And while we’re on the topic of popular marketing tactics and how quickly they can fail, take a look at this piece from Duct Tape Marketing. Guest poster Tommy Walker features a few reasons why posts flopped. Keep in mind these tips aren’t just for guest posts. They’re great tips for blog posts in general.

Advanced SEO, Marketing & Business Links

5 Social Media Lessons Gleaned From a New SMB Study — A joint study from Duct Tape Marketing and Vocus has unearthed some important social media marketing lessons. These tips just may give your business the edge it needs to overcome its competition. And if you’re looking to improve your social media marketing, check out 7 Tips for Marketers to Create Meaningful Connections on LinkedIn. (Many of these tips will work on other networks as well.)

Informational Study: Professional Image Content Generates 121% More Facebook Shares — Want to put a little more action into your Facebook marketing and get a better return? MarketingSherpa may have the answer: the quality of the images you share. And that’s not all, but you’ll have to read their post to find out.

Does Google Normalize NAP Data? (Name, Address, Phone) — No matter how hard you try, you’ll always find variations of your NAP data online. This doesn’t help your local SEO. Or, does it? How does Google handle variations? Matt McGee has the answer.

Nailed Your Copy? Think Again. — Even if you’re getting results with your email copy, it doesn’t mean you can’t improve it. Vertical Response did a fascinating post with examples and ideas for content optimization. Need more? Have a look at their email marketing campaign infographic.

4 Simple Ways to Monitor Your Competitors’ Marketing Strategies — Your competitors can be an excellent source of information of what works and what doesn’t. Do you know how to find these answers? Vertical Response published a post with four easy ways to find this information.

How Facebook Can Enhance and Build Marketing Campaigns — Businesses often think of social media campaigns as separate from each other and the rest of their marketing, but they don’t have to be. When joined together, Facebook can enhance and increase the return of other campaigns. You might also find V3’s post on fill-in-the-blank updates and MarketingSherpa’s test on Facebook topics interesting. Looking for something different to add to your social media marketing? Try selling via Instagram, Pinterest, or through coupons.

5 Google Analytics Reports and Tips You Should Embrace Now — Google Analytics is a vital tool for site owners. It can provide you with a wealth of information about your audience, marketing and website, but only if make use of it. John Jantsch published an excellent post on a few of the reports you can create to give you a better understanding of how your site is performing.

How Companies can Enhance User Experience With Mobile Browser Detection — Are your mobile users getting the best experience possible? Or do they have to struggle to find what they need? According to Internet Marketing for Free, mobile browser detection might be just what you need to increase conversions on these platforms.

Great Posts Published This Week Everyone Should Check Out

Google+ App Update Adds Support for Brand Pages — Google improved its mobile app to make it more user-friendly. It also started offering an AdWords Business Credit Card to advertisers, added Google Analytics to AdWords, and changed the way it analyzes and assesses web page layouts in its latest algorithm update. Yahoo!, however, lost more of its market share.

LinkedIn Unveils New Personal Profiles — LinkedIn took another step toward building its network with the release of its new and improved personal profiles. Do you think this was a step in the right direction? Does this new layout have advantages?

Facebook Adds Dropbox Integration, File Sharing in Groups — Facebook has added a number of new features and options to its network with the addition of Dropbox integration. How do you think you could use this for your business? The social network also began to test its “Want” button.

Foursquare Opens Up Its Local Search Engine, Adds Business Scores — Foursquare has given business owners another reason to be on its network with the release of its local search engine. Will you give it a go?

PayPal Improves Credit Offerings for Small Retailers — PayPal is making it easier for merchants to offer payment arrangements to their customers on large ticket items. Will you make use of this latest feature? Do you think it could improve sales?

Blekko Launches Suite of Premium SEO Tools — To further solidify its position as “the search engine for SEOs and marketing professionals”, Blekko now offers webmasters a full suite of tools. Have you tried them out? What do you think?

Facebook Launches Localized Pages for Global Brands — Facebook now gives international businesses the opportunity to target local areas. (You’ll be interested to know that 12.8 local businesses now have a business page.)

Google finally released its disavow tool. If you’d like to know more about it, check out the Dos and Don’ts of Using Google’s Disavow Links Tool. Not everyone is so sure you need to worry about it, or SEO for that matter. An ex-Googler suggests webmasters “forget about SEO”.

EmailSuccess Helps Businesses Avoid Costly Newsletter Errors — Email marketing is a tricky beast, but a new free tool on the market aims to make it a little easier for you. Try it out and let us (and other DIY readers) know what you think.

OpenTable Offers Restaurants Free Mobile Sites — The reservation platform OpenTable has just made it easier for restaurants to attract mobile users. If your restaurant doesn’t have a mobile-friendly site, now is the time to get yours.

Mobile Ads Cause Turnaround in Facebook’s Fortune — To say it hasn’t been a good year for Facebook would be an understatement, but there may be some relief for the social network. The latest financial report showed revenue increased by at least 32%. The driving factor behind this growth? Mobile ads. Will this be enough to save the struggling network? Another large online company sure hopes the mobile platform will be enough to keep it afloat, but you can find out more about that in iNeedHits’ Yahoo! Outlines Vision for Future and It’s All About Mobile.

YouTube Nonprofit Program Adds New Causes Feature for Measuring Views — Small Business Trends reported that Google has released the Campaigns Tool. If you are (or work with) nonprofits, this is an excellent way to measure your various marketing efforts.

“Optimize for Conversions” Now Default for AdWords Users — Google encourages users to create more effective ads by making “optimize for conversions” the default setting.

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