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Our thoughts are with our East Coast neighbors impacted by Hurricane Sandy.  Hopefully you and yours are safe, warm, and with electricity.  Here are some of the best posts on SEO and marketing from around the web.  Enjoy!

Beginner SEO and Marketing

So, What is Inbound Marketing? – This infographic from the Whole Brain Group is a succinct snapshot of the 5 steps of inbound marketing, including:  creating compelling content, getting found by the right people, converting visitors to leads, converting leads to customers, and analyzing results.

The Somewhat Surprising State of Online Advertising [New Data] – This article provides some insight into how consumers perceive online advertising based on a survey conducted by Adobe.  Some of these statistics might make you cringe, but we thought the positive sentiment for social media was a good sign.

Lead Generation: 39% say offline lead gen has somewhat decreased – The title says it all!  A high number of marketers surveyed by Marketing Sherpa say that the importance of offline lead gen has somewhat decreased over the past 3-5 years.  No big surprise, but some interesting anecdotes here.

Intermediate SEO, Marketing & Business Tips

Hangout on Air with “Google+ for Business” Author Chris Brogan – Google+ is like the giant elephant in the room for SEO, and there’s no doubt that you should add it to your online marketing presence. Chris Brogan will be leading a Google Hangout next week about improving your business Google+ presence. You can register by following the link above.

5 Killer SEO Insights from Analyzing a Billion Dollars in AdWords Spend – Author Larry Kim shares his insights after analyzing a billion dollars in spend. He argues that “By understanding what’s happening on the paid search side of the Google SERP, you can better understand and anticipate trends in organic search.”  Very interesting stuff.

The Retailers Guide to Social, Local, and Mobile [Infographic] –  It’s a great week for infographic sharing on UpCity.  This one breaks down statistics for social, local, mobile web traffic (SOLOMO) like this:  social drives traffic, local drives action, mobile drives opportunity.  What do you think?

Advanced SEO, Marketing & Business Links

A new tool to disavow links – The newest addition to the Google Webmaster Tools arsenal is a new feature that allows webmasters/SEOs to disavow links. If you’ve ever been alerted of a manual spam action based on “unnatural links”, this is a tool you definitely need.  Google says that if you haven’t received this type of alert, you probably don’t need to use the tool.
Global Multichannel Consumer Behaviour (Research/Purchase) Analysis – A newish post from Analytics guru Avinash Kaushik where he explores the questions:  how do consumers access the Internet, how does purchase behavior vary across countries, how do consumers research and purchase products, and what is the role of search engines in the purchase process.  Avinash’s blog posts are always food for thought.

Our Own Most Recent Posts!

10 Rules for Creating Quality Content – Is content part of your small business SEO strategy? Providing fresh content is fuel for search engines and gathers inbound links. Adding value to your customers with quality resources builds loyalty and referral business. Learn more about how to create quality content that performs with 10 simple rules can give your small business the competitive edge.

Beware of Black-Hat SEO – Your site is up but the traffic is not quite as steady as you had hoped. You’ve been learning about small business SEO and diligently working through our SEO software. But someone just told you how they’d paid to get on page 1 of Google — what’s that about? Doesn’t the faster and easier way always sound better?!

Hope you found some useful ideas to help you in your marketing efforts!

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