Back in 2008 Mary Meeker, an analyst who reviewed yearly technology trends for Kleiner Perking Caufield Byers, predicted that mobile devices would overtake “fixed Internet access” within six years. While that may have seemed like a bold prediction at the time, Meeker’s soothsaying abilities have certainly been validated in recent years.

Today, more than half of web browsing takes place on mobile devices like smartphones. In fact, desktop web browsing now accounts for just 48.7 percent of Internet traffic. Of the people who search the Internet on a mobile device, about 42 percent of them download apps while they use their mobile device to browse the web.

While you may expect big outfits like YouTube and Domino’s to have a dedicated app, it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses of all sizes to have an app of their own. If you’re not convinced that your organization needs a app, consider this – 90 percent of mobile users would rather use an app instead of visiting a website.

Benefits of Having an App

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According to Stav Zibershtein, CEO of, mobile apps will be the “norm” in the future, and we’re not talking about the distant future. For your business to succeed, it’s critical that you create a dedicated mobile app in order to reap the benefits that these applications provide.

Here are the benefits that a mobile app has the potential to provide for your organization.

Better Branding and Increased Loyalty

When you think about it, it’s pretty easy to understand how a mobile app can boost your branding and increase consumers’ loyalty to your organization. When they download your app, an icon with your company’s name or logo will remain on users’ screens even when they’re not using your app. This ensures that your icon will always be visible, which will make it hard to forget your business.

Personalized Marketing and Free Publicity

Mobile apps have various features that you can use to personalize your marketing messages, including push notifications. You can use push notifications to share general messages about upcoming promotions or specials. You can also use them to send personal reminders to individual consumers who haven’t shopped with your business for a while. Has someone not placed their usual order to restock their supply of paper towels? You can use your mobile app to send them a personalized reminder.

A mobile app can also be a valuable marketing tool on a broader scale. Once you have a mobile app, you can integrate it with your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare. This will give your followers the ability to create some free publicity for your business whenever they share your app with their network of followers and/or describe the experience they had with your organization.

Increased Engagement

Mobile apps make it easy and convenient to engage your customers. By the fall of 2015, Flurry was already reporting that people were spending more time using apps than they were spending watching television. Today, approximately 90 percent of the time people spend on their smartphones is spent using apps. With consumers using apps so often, it presents a great, possibly bankable, opportunity for you to interact with your customers using your mobile app. You can solicit suggestions and feedback or even have full-blown conversations with your customers through your company’s app.

Greater Number of Customers

A mobile app can help you attract a greater number of customers. In order to do this, you’ll typically have to promote your app on other platforms, such as your organization’s website and social media pages. As was mentioned earlier, you should also integrate your app with social media so that your customers can share it with their followers with just one click.

Improved Customer Experience

A mobile app gives your customers access to your products or services 24-hours per day without requiring them to visit your retail location or website. In other words, it satisfies the need for instant gratification that many consumers have developed as the result of technological advancements. Even if you have a helpline, you can still include a feature in your app that enables customers to contact a representative any time of day or night. As a general rule, the more you enable people to do when they use your app, the better their overall experience will be.

Improved Image

When you have a mobile app, consumers will tend to take your business more seriously. They’ll also have a stronger interest in the products and services you sell because a mobile app gives the impression that your business is savvy and loaded with plenty of staying power.

A Case Study


If you’re thinking of developing a mobile app for your organization, it can be helpful to take a look at a case study of a business that uses its mobile app effectively. One example of a small business that has a highly successful mobile app is Amplify Entertainment.

Located in Florida, Amplify Entertainment is a wedding DJ outfit that uses its mobile app to interact with wedding guests in real-time. Instead of asking a DJ to play a certain song in person, wedding attendees can simply submit their musical requests using the company’s mobile app. Since launching its app in 2011, the company has received more requests through the app than it has in face to face encounters.

While your business may not have anything to do with music or weddings, having a mobile app can enable you to interact with your customers the same way that Amplify Entertainment’s app makes it simple for wedding guests to communicate with its DJs. Your customers can ask questions about your products or services, request assistance or make purchases using your mobile app. Don’t you think these capabilities would help engage your customers better and improve your bottom line?

Find a Mobile App Developer

Even though you may be ready to start enjoying the benefits that a mobile app can provide, it doesn’t mean you’re prepared to create a mobile app for your business. From app development to approval, app store optimization and much, much more, there’s a lot you need to know before you can make an app that will yield the results you’re hoping for.

To make an effective app and one that will stand out in crowded app stores, it’s often wise to hire a mobile app developer near you that has a track record of success.

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