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For today’s multi-channel digital campaigns, there are more analytics tools and key performance indicators than ever. Dashboards arrange the data in charts and graphs with raw data you can browse if you prefer. From Google Analytics to Hubspot’s Growth Stack, there is an impressive array of tools to help you determine the effectiveness of your traffic-driving initiatives.

You’ve got data, now what?

The issue with any tool – in any industry – is that if you can’t wield it properly, it’s pointless. All the KPIs and analytics feed the big data monster, but it’s what you do with the info that matters. You need a means to turn the numbers into an actionable strategy to benefit your business. But do you have the bandwidth in-house to leverage the data into something meaningful?

Are you aiming at the wrong target?

Marketing managers may spin their wheels interpreting data sets and analytics as an end goal instead of a means to an end. Marketers can fall in love with three letter acronyms and focus energy, resources, and budget on certain key metrics whether it’s CPC, CTR, CPA, conversions or impressions rather than on crafting effective campaigns that generate authentic ROI.

More data, more problems?  

Analytics don’t tell you what to do next, and that’s the real quagmire. Metrics must be analyzed at set frequencies to inform conversations about future testing and strategic implementation of the insights gained from the data. Metrics tell you about the past and understanding the data helps you adjust and design for the future. It can be overwhelming to accomplish in-house.

Outsource your insight

Developing expertise in understanding and leveraging data to make digital campaigns more effective can be daunting. By outsourcing to a trusted and competent agency partner, you gain the expertise each firm has developed from working with hundreds of clients across thousands of campaigns. These analytical economies of scale will save you money and ensure your campaigns are far more effective.

A/B testing for flawless functionality

An agency strongly focused on performance and optimization will create an ecosystem or foundation of campaigns that enable continuous A/B testing strategies – from aesthetics to messaging – to provide insight and feedback needed to catalyze new ideas. As depicted by AdEspresso, multi-variant A/B testing at scale can be an enormous undertaking and is best left to the experts.

Better results, less time at a dashboard

Your trusted agency of choice should always save your team hours each week by care taking your data analysis and guiding your multi-channel campaigns to get the results you need. This team should specialize in the management, analysis, and optimization of display, social, and search campaigns to free you and your marketing team to get away from the data dashboard and back to what you do best.

Let us know if we can help interpret a graph, banner set, or split test for you and your team!

Noel Ledesma
Noel Ledesma
Founder & CEO at

Noel Ledesma has served as Likeable’s Founder & CEO since January of 2014. Previously, he was Director of Account Management at ReTargeter from 2011-2013. Noel and his team managed the firm’s entire client portfolio of over 400 accounts, worth $10M in annual revenue. He was an instrumental part of ReTargeter getting named to the top 100 of Inc.’s Fastest Growing Companies list in 2013.

Noel founded Likeable taking a niche approach to address mid-market brands and their creative agency needs. He and his team take a performance-first approach to paid media strategies and design. Noel’s extremely passionate about operations and strategic account management, just as much as he’s into music, traveling, and New Orleans.