We are excited to introduce you to another exciting week of Quick Wins! This weekly series takes an in-depth look at a small business website and presents three easy strategies that will have the greatest impact on improving a small business’s visibility in search engines, local and social.

Welcome to another great week of three quick and easy SEO wins! Today, we’re profiling a fitness bootcamp located in Pasadena, CA called Boot Camp Pasadena. Bootcamp participants meet two to three times a week and focus on short 45-minute workouts to induce fat loss and increase tone. Small group classes are offered at its Pasadena/Altadena location or your place of business.

Let’s dive right in to work on some improvements.

boot camp homepage

Good Site, Fantastic Social Media

BootCamp Pasadena updates its website with content updates on a regular basis, and the social media promotion looks even better.

The business posts on its Facebook page often. Interesting articles, links, and photographs are frequently featured, all relating to the business’s targeted audience of exercise enthusiasts. The engagement from Facebook fans is fairly active.

Customer Engagement In All The Right Places

Writing engaging content is difficult for many people, but Bootcamp Pasadena freely falls out of that category. The blog is filled with rich, targeted content that any person interested in fitness, especially in the Pasadena/Altadena location, would be excited to read. The homepage showcases a newsletter sign-up in the sidebar, which helps gather email subscribers, as well as a testimonials tab to display their expertise.

In addition, the website features a small pop-up customer survey at the bottom right corner of the screen. The survey is simple and to the point, asking visitors how satisfied they are with the website. Gathering feedback from customers and then acting on it is an excellent strategy to improve your business, customer service, and website.

online survey

Another excellent feature on the homepage is the Contact Us tab, located at the bottom of the screen. The tab reads: “We’re not around but we still want to hear from you! Leave a note.” This action statement collects important information about the client  and establishes the client-trainer strong relationship, which is vital in a business like this. Clients can reach out the the business via the feedback tab and confidently know the trainers will read the comments and feedback. Learn more about how contact forms can grow your business

.contact form

Furthermore, Boot Camp Pasadena manages a detailed Google Plus Local Page  and Google Plus Page. The pages show a variety of photographs, describing how the trainers work with their customers. The Google Plus pages undoubtedly improve its rank with the search engines and promote the business among local competitors and relevant users.

As an UpCity client, the business checks into its UpCity curriculum often. Overall, Boot Camp Pasadena is marketing itself fairly well. The brand optimizes its SEO, and the hard work is paying off. Now lets get into some improvements to focus on, which will elevate its optimization and web presence to the next level.

 1. Utilize guest posting as a way to build backlinks and grow your audience at the same time.

Although the Bootcamp Blog is updated regularly with original and quality content, the blog does not have many recent backlinks to the blog as of right now. Building up your backlink count is a great strategy to lift rankings and traffic. It is important to note that it takes time to lift your backlink count so establishing a long-term link-building plan is important. One way to increase your quality backlink count is by reaching out to authorities in similar niches and writing valuable content for the readers.

Moreover, the existing quality backlinks are not all relevant to the content of the website. Linking back to the Bootcamp blog from comments on posts pertaining to fitness or marketing is a poor substitute for providing real value by being an author on a guest blog (sentence confusing – rewrite or let’s discuss?). Guest blogging on qualified, related site opens up your website to a whole new audience; they may not have had a chance to discover your content organically. Find influencer bloggers you admire, and offer to share your content on their blog.

boot camp upcity tool

2. Connect your social media platforms to your blog.

Boot Camp Pasadena’s traffic count can be improved easily. Right now, the site shows no connections or links to their social media sites anywhere on the blog. Social media share buttons are absent from individual posts, and no widgets or links appear in the sidebar to indicate any sort of community surrounding the site’s offerings.

Accommodating social media throughout your website will encourage users to interact, without needing to jump through unnecessary barriers or leave the website entirely. Zero social media links on the blog creates an unnecessarily difficult process to access their dedicated community. In addition, displaying social media icons will increase the readership of the well-thought out blog content.

social media lack

Moreover, this inability to access social media stifles engagement. Updating your social media profiles is a great optimization technique, but connecting with your audience will enhance your campaign to the next level.

3. Confirm your domain registration.

One quick website optimization tactic is to check your domain registration. Domain registration can easily be remedied by simply registering your website for two years or more with your domain provider. It is a simple, quick win that keeps your site thoroughly crawled and indexed, and no links will get devalued.

Registering your domain also signals to search engines that your business is a trusted source of information, thereby giving you more authority. Google uses all of your data points when it takes into the consideration the rank and profile of your site. Therefore, the age of your domain is a factor worth keeping in check.

boot camp upcity tool 2

*BONUS*: Specify Location from within the title tag

A majority of the sites we profile reflect exactly the same issue: They do not specify the location of their target market anywhere in the title tags. If the title tags are specific with the keyword optimization, the more likely your business will be displayed in front of targeted customers and in the search results. Remember that each page should have a unique title tag.

The current homepage title tag is: “Fat Loss Workouts with Boot Camp Pasadena – Home.”

A better replacement would be: “Fat Loss Workouts with Boot Camp Pasadena in Pasadena, CA – Home.”

As you can see, we propose some quick on-site and social modifications for the website and the overall content strategy. Good job guys! Keep this up, and you’ll be getting more traffic and customers in no time!

Do you want to gain some easy SEO tips for your website? If your business is interested in learning some Quick and Easy Wins, please send us an email. We’d be happy to feature your business!