We are excited to introduce you to another exciting week of Quick Wins! This weekly series takes an in-depth look at a small business website and presents three easy strategies that will have the greatest impact on improving a small business’s visibility in search engines, local and social.

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This week we present Krisers.com, an exceptional pet supply store chain. Founder Brad Kriser had a goal to bring all-natural food to pet owners and help their pets get healthy. Since its beginning in 2006, Kriser’s has grown to more than ten locations in Chicago and opened several stores in the Denver and Southern California regions.

This clearly is a successful and thriving company, so let’s go ahead and see what Kriser’s web experience is accomplishing right now.

krisers home page

Kriser’s Positive Marks

1. Great social media presence.

From what we can see, Kriser’s exemplifies a carefully organized social media presence. The business notifies its thousands of dedicated fans and followers of upcoming events on both Twitter and Facebook everyday. These daily promotions encourage participation not only on but off the web, which is a difficult strategy to complete for many companies.

One minor complaint we have is that Kriser’s should respond to a majority of the tweets they receive from colleagues and customers. This tactic will go further in fostering engagement with its active participation.

2. Fast page loading.

The data on Kriser’s webpage is easily loadable, thereby making it much faster than the average website. Many businesses are unaware that search engine rankings negatively impact websites that take too long to appear in browsers.

krisers seositecheckup

3. Kriser’s has an exemplary email list.

Here at UpCity, we know that capturing emails is extremely important. Gaining email addresses is essential not only for keeping in contact with prior customers but also for engaging new customers with newsworthy updates. Kriser’s inclusion of an email list supports this theory, and it further enables the business to keep communication open with all visitors both new and returning.

krisers newsletter

Quick Wins for Kriser’s

1. Produce more Google Plus pages.

As we all know, Google Plus is an asset for local businesses, especially if you have multiple branches in different locations. There is massive opportunity here for Kriser’s to capitalize on this leverage point.

Currently, Kriser’s seems to have only two Google Plus pages, and one of which seeming to be a lesser duplicate. Both pages have exactly the same data:

krisers google plus local 1

krisers google plus local 2

The fast and simple solution is to make these pages correspond with different locations and to create more pages for additional location spots.

2. Publish more content on the blog.

While Kriser maintains a blog, the business rarely push new content. A robust blog will help boost traffic if it keeps fresh notifications on the main website for people to read. Releasing up-to-date content will create better rankings for the website in the search engines, since Google highly prioritizes new, quality data rather than old news. In addition to writing press releases, another content idea is to highlight all the creative local events or current charit on the blog. To capitalize it all, these posts can then be promoted on the various social sites at the same time.

krisers blog

3. Shorten main title tag length to 69 characters or below.

As with the majority of SEO fixes, it is better to create shorter and more specific title tags.

Kriser’s title tag is currently 89 characters: “All Natural and Organic Pet Food Stores, Supplies and Dog Grooming in Chicago and Los Angeles – Kriser.com.”

This current title tag looks to be overly filled up with some unnecessary keywords. Furthermore, think of how it looks in SERPs not fitting on the full page.

krisers serp

A better alternative for this title tag could be: “All Natural and Organic Pet Food Stores and Supplies – Kriser.com.” This suggestion is reader-friendly and less disorienting than the last one.

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