We are excited to introduce you to another exciting week of Quick Wins! This weekly series takes an in-depth look at a small business website and presents three easy strategies that will have the greatest impact on improving a small business’s visibility in search engines, local and social.

Welcome to another weekly episode of quick and easy SEO wins! Today, we’re looking at a plumbing company location in Columbia, SC called Aero Plumbing.

A successful family owned and operated business for more than three generations, this plumbing service renovates and repairs commercial, residential, and new construction. We’re certain that the knowledge gained throughout the past 55 years created an expert plumbing business. Good work, guys! Now let’s get down to the essentials.

Smart Approaches to Local Optimization

Browsing through the website, it’s clear that Aero Plumbing highly focuses on local optimization . The business maintains a Google+ Local Page and showcases some great reviews to highlight its success. Furthermore, the coupon page is a superb method to attracting and tracking web customers.

In addition, local contact information is available throughout Aeroplumbing.com, producing a simple method for potential customers to develop a correspondence with the business over the phone. This technique is a highly valuable asset for any local enterprise.

Aero Plumbing displays smart site title tags that target its place of business. Including a location in the title tags is always beneficial to increase the specificity of your site, especially if your main focus is acquiring nearby customers and reaching high rankings. Of course, the current title tag can still further be improved.

For example, the title tag is currently listed as: “Aero Plumbing, Columbia, SC.”

An improved and targeted option may include this update: “Plumbing in Columbia, SC – Aero Plumbing”

Another ideas is to replace “Plumbing in Columbia” with any keyphrase you think will rank highly for your business. Feel free to use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool or keyword targeting application in your UpCity account to brainstorm adequate, related terms.

Now, let’s review some more basic yet pertinent improvements for the business’s optimization.

Three Quick Wins

1. Social Optimization: Set up better engagement with social media.

Upon taking a look at Aero Plumbing’s main site, we found zero links displayed to any of the business’s social media profiles. As a result, this hinders latent traffic that could go to the website.

Moreover, the Facebook and Twitter pages do not have enough engagement, and this is something that can be changed quite simply by spending just a few minutes a day on your social strategy.

In addition, the content automatically funneled to both platforms is identical. We recommend creating different kinds of content and updates for each social site if possible, so that you can target various audiences. We suggest utilizing a social media management tool to post content and links easily and efficiently on your different social profiles. Check out one of our previous posts for more info on this.



It generally helps to follow people on Twitter, which will lift your sales, traffic, and unique page views. With minimal engagement and followers on these social pages, you are essentially posting in a vacuum. Sure, there are Twitter accounts that follow less than 10 people with thousands of followers. These companies are considered an exception to the rule and should not be seen as role models.

In social media, SMBs have to give to get. Commit to following someone related to your niche, and hopefully this tactic will help your business in the long-run. The more value you present to customers, the more incentives you will find in return.


2. Local Optimization: Add specific location pages on site.

As we mentioned above, it is excellent that Aero Plumbing optimized its website for local engagement. We would like to suggest an additional effective SEO practice that will tip the scale in its favor. Shown below, Aero Plumbing lists its locations clearly in the sidebar.


Adding a specific page for each location, complete with photos and content, will generate more traffic and visitors to the site. This geographic attention to detail also provides ample opportunities to link between the pages, which is another aspect to think about when ranking higher in search engines.

3. Website Optimization: Create a blog.

Adding a blog is a prime opportunity to capture more targeted customers. If you want to increase your rank and authority in a certain market, it is important to publish a meaningful blog. Creating original content on a regular basis will boost your traffic significantly and increase your authority on the SERP. Check out these posts to find some great blogging ideas.

Bonus: Add photographs and videos to your Google+ Local Page.

Aero Plumbing is a successful business that cultivates stellar reviews on its Google+ Local Page. Yet, the business may want to think about adding photographs or videos to the page to create a higher attrition rate.

Pictures and videos are worth a thousands words. Without them, you’re missing out on a lot of valuable content and traffic. Customers are easily swayed if they have the proof right in front of them; don’t give them a reason to be skeptical of your business, especially when there are thousands of other competitors who display images.

Do you want to gain some fast SEO tips for your website? If your business is interested in learning some Quick and Easy Wins, please send us an email. We’d be happy to feature your business!