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Let’s talk web presence optimization with Ohio City Burrito in Cleveland, Ohio. Family owned and locally owned since 2009, Ohio City Burrito prides itself on affordable Mexican cuisine, excellent service, and a fun atmosphere. The restaurant is solely located in the Cleveland Market District and is heavily invested in community involvement.

Let’s begin spotlighting some positive marks for Ohio City Burrito, before we become more hungry staring at the delicious Silver Bullet burritos.

Ohio City Burrito Homepage


1. Off-Site: Strong social media in place.

Upon investigating the restaurant’s social media channels, we find that Ohio City Burrito distributes excellent social etiquette. In the case of Twitter, the team tweets insightful company news and makes sure to respond to every relevant customer tweet. Furthermore, the business retweets many users who mention them. These powerful, yet simple tactics show great impact on Twitter followers in addition to the search engines.

On the business’s Facebook Page, OCB cultivated a tight-knit community of customers who are ready to accept content at a moment’s notice. This means they have the potential to create dedicated evangelists who will promote your brand for you.

2. Off-Site: Google Plus Local listing is complete.

It comes as no surprise that a locally focused small business like Ohio City Burrito displays a phenomenal Google Plus Local Page. Complete with photographs, contact information, and a link back to the website, the business’s Google Plus Local listing is one of the most complete pages that we have seen! Great work.

3. On-Site: Blog is set up.

Ohio City Burrito has a blog that serves as a news update system. Creating a blog is one of the simplest methods to attract visitors and gain traffic. An active blog allows for easy content marketing should the opportunity arise.

Overall, this local business demonstrates some actionable marketing benefits in its favor. However, are these tactics utilized effectively? Now, it’s time to offer some Quick Wins to see if we can increase traffic and turn things around.

Quick Wins

1. Off-Site: Update social media more frequently.

Social media seems to be Ohio City Burrito’s sleeping giant. Judging from the number of retweets and third-pay mentions received on Twitter, we think it’s about time to build relationships through those social mentions.

One recommendation is to start favoriting certain tweets and tweet back to those who tag you. This tactic takes all but thirty seconds and produces a higher authority over time. Check out these Twitter tips for other optimization ideas.

Similarly with Facebook, a business may not exactly think of much content to share right off the bat, but it’s time to get creative. Give away free products, hold contests, promote coupons, ask questions about what customers like, etc. Experiment with your Facebook page!

In a nutshell, improving your social media will significantly boost your traffic. This cost-free technique is an easy way to earn more links and higher rankings.

2. On-Site: Put lead capture system in place.

It is never a good idea to wait for your customers to hit you back. Rather, it is imperative that small businesses be proactive in their approach to capturing leads. For example, Ohio City Burrito may want to offer discounts and limited-time offers through a newsletter. It is always important to be creative with different ways to engage your audience. View this blog post for more email marketing ideas.

3. Off-Site: Build more backlinks.

Upon putting Ohio City Burrito into our UpCity tool, we discovered a low number of backlinks currently linking to the site. Backlinks, especially those of high page rank, help build your authority in search engines. One way to remedy this is to earn quality links. Get listed in directories with high authority, such as Yext or Yahoo! Local Listings. These local links are some solid first steps to improving your backlinking potential.

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