We are excited to introduce you to another exciting week of Quick Wins! This weekly series takes an in-depth look at a small business website and presents three easy strategies that will have the greatest impact on improving a small business’s visibility in search engines, local and social.

This week, we take time out to review another great client of ours located in Dubuque, Iowa, Bride Meets Wedding.

Bride Meets Wedding is a wedding vendor affiliate hub that provides service for three separate Iowa regions: Dubuque/Tri-States, Rockford/Northern Illinois, and Iowa City/Cedar Rapids. If an engaged couple finds Bride Meets Wedding, they can effortlessly choose from a vast array of merchandise to prepare for their wedding, ranging from entertainment to selected venues. In addition, the business is seeking to reach a national audience, while still maintaining focus on its local market.

Now, lets start out by taking a look at some positive components on BrideMeetsWedding.com.

Bridemeetswedding.com Homepage

1. Content curation and social media at its best.

Bride Meets Wedding is doing an excellent job on their content creation and social marketing. The business is very active on its Facebook and Pinterest pages. The Facebook content is fresh and engages the target audience. With a solid fan base (656 fans at the time of this posting), you can tell the team puts a lot of work into their user correspondence.

Bridemeetswedding.com Facebook Page

In addition, we are excited about the Bride Meets Wedding Pinterest page (1,017 Followers currently). This well-organized and beautifully arranged page can be used as a model example for other wedding sites.

Bride Meets Wedding Pinterest

One small recommendation for the business’s social media content is to try similar methods of interaction on Twitter. As it stands, Bride Meets Wedding seems to utilize the Twitter page as a way to push content. It is important to understand that with social media, you also have to “pull” users into your content. Broadcast your content, but also have conversations with your followers.

Bride Meets Wedding Twitter

2. Great on-site location pages.

The Bride Meets Wedding website provides location pages for each region it serves. Pages with this level of specificity drive hyper targeted traffic once they are crawled in the search engines.

3. Listed on the major directories.

In the past, this company submitted its website to all the major directories that impact its relevance in the search engines. As a result, Bride Meets Wedding created more authority than bridal competitors with fewer strong backlinks. The competition is tough out there, and it was worth Bride Meets Wedding’s time to get listed on the top directories.

Quick Wins

1. Incorporate an email list.

If Bride Meets Wedding is seeking to maintain customers in addition to contacting them for referral business, it may be in their best interest to collect email addresses and contact information. A robust newsletter service like MailChimp or Constant Contact makes this process affordable and efficient. Check out this great article that walks you through setting up a newsletter for your audience.

2. Make sure the sitemap is accessible.

The Bride Meets World website has an XML sitemap that helps them be crawled in Google. However, it is lacking a visible direct link to their sitemap, and we recommend adding one as a quick and easy fix. Sitemaps help the user navigate the website’s content more easily.

3. Focus your call-to-action.

Bride Meets Wedding promotes a visually impressive site that without a doubt visitors enjoy. However, the user experience can be disorienting for a first-time customer or vendor. Because there is no definite call-to-action on the homepage that themes the rest of the content, the goal of the customer or vendor experience should be more clear and well-defined.

We suggest showing two very direct and visible statements. One call-to-action button clearly demonstrates where couples can go to look at vendors, and the second call-to-action button defines where vendors can go to advertise their wares.

Bride Meets Wedding Call To Action


Add information to your Google Plus Page.

Google Plus is a great, underutilized asset and usage is growing everyday. Though not all businesses are accustomed to it yet, users still stumble upon it. As a result, it is always best to fill out your business information on the Google Plus platform as much as you can. Google Plus will link back to your main site to drive traffic and increase rankings, no matter how small.

If Bride Meets Wedding starts becoming more active on its Google Plus page, it will find superb benefits and add more substance on the static sections of the platform.

Bride Meets Wedding Google Plus Call Out

With all of these improvements in mind, we are certain that Bride Meets Wedding is in a great place to spread to new markets across the country.

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