Since rolling out our new Custom Task Manager system earlier this year, we’ve gotten amazing feedback from our customers on how to enhance the system to address the needs of the various workflow processes out there. It’s important to remember that UpCity wasn’t built to be another “seo tool” but a platform digital marketing agencies can use to manage and scale all workflow and standardize processes across your organization. To that end, we’ve been very busy this past month or so and have rolled out the features below.


Recurring Tasks

This was probably the most requested item we received as more and more work out there occurs on a weekly or monthly basis. For example, weekly blog posts and month end reporting occur on an ongoing basis and we wanted to reduce the time recreating these ongoing custom tasks. Within the Task Edit screen for all custom tasks, customers can now set a recurring schedule by selecting “Yes” for recurring and easily set a schedule for a task to be generated at the given schedule.

Screenshot 2015-09-12 12.32.34

As you can see above, tasks can repeat on a Weekly or Monthly basis. When choosing Weekly, you can determine which days of the week the task should reoccur. For Monthly, you can choose which day of the month (1-31) the task should also occur. So for example you could set up a task to complete month end reporting on the 1st day of every month.


Bulk Changes and Assignments

Another highly requested feature was the ability to make bulk changes to tasks to either change the Status or to assign team members and due dates in bulk. For example, our clients can now be able to assign all local tasks to one team member and do those in just a few clicks instead of having to do to each individual task. There is a “Bulk Edit” button on both the Standard and List Views of the Task Area. When you hit the Bulk Edit button you get a number of choices as shown in the screen shot below.

Screenshot 2015-09-12 12.54.17


From here, you can either Select All Tasks to edit or you can select individual tasks. Once you select the tasks, you can make many changes to the tasks selected including assigning to a team member, setting the due date for a task or changing the status of the task to Completed for example. Early feedback on this feature has indicated a big reduction in the time and energy related to delegating and managing workflow.


Custom Sections

Our most recent update to the Custom Task Manager, is the ability to add your own own custom sections while also being able to hide or edit the standard UpCity sections. When we first rolled out the Custom Task Manager customers were only able to create tasks within UpCity’s current sections like Website 101, for example. Now our customers have the ability to create their own and manage their custom tasks accordingly. This can all be found on the Manage Tasks area of your account.

Screenshot 2015-09-12 13.04.58

Within the Manage Section area you can delineate a Top Level Section which allows you to create a Top Level to organize your tasks. These Top Level Sections don’t have tasks within themselves but can be used to organize a group of task subsections. You can create an infinite number of subsections and either insert them under existing UpCity sections or your own custom sections. Ultimately, with this new feature you organize and manage your own processes from start to finish.


Editing Tasks in Campaign View

This is a real quick addition that we made to allow customers to quickly edit Standard and Customs task while still in the Campaign view. This cuts down the time of having to go into the Admin area, make a change and come back to the Campaign area. Now customers can leverage a quick edit button next to each task in the campaign to make these changes.

Screenshot 2015-09-12 13.18.11


Updated Status Choices

Last but not least, we added a few more options to the various Task Statuses. The updated list of task status and our definitions are as follows:

  • Completed – these are tasks where the work has been fulfilled. Our UpCity Managed Services team uses this to reflect “billable” time to delineate work that was actually done versus tasks that were already completed in the past.
  • VerifiedNEW – these are tasks that we see are already completed but were completed in the past and are not “billable”. Some agencies may not distinguish between these two but if you are managing to hours completed or points, this allows you to delineate between billable and non-billable time.
  • In ReviewNEW – these are tasks that are under review and are going through a quality assurance process. The UpCity Managed Services team uses this to show customers which tasks are near completion.
  • On Hold – on hold tasks are tasks that you can set aside to do for later.
  • Not Applicable – these are tasks you have deemed not relevant or not applicable to your campaign.

With the new status of “Verified”, you can now look at your Task Activity report for Completed tasks only, Verified tasks only or both and provide insights both internally and externally on what work has been actually fulfilled upon versus what has been checked off.

Screenshot 2015-09-12 13.35.42

As a reminder, many of the Custom Task Manager features and functionality are only available in our AgencyPro Plus package and above. If you have any questions on this or would like a demo, just email us at Thanks again for all that customer feedback and please keep it coming!