We’ve had a number of pretty significant feature releases in the past few weeks and wanted to make sure and highlight them today.

International Local SEO

First, we are excited to announce that we now fully support the UK, Australia and Canada in addition to the United States from a Local SEO perspective. We have always supported over 50 countries from a rank and link perspective but up until now we did not provided country specific directories and do Name, Address, and Phone number checking. We now provide over thirty country specific directories and citations sources to help get your clients found locally!


Team Management, Task Assignments and Due Dates

We’re also happy to announce that we now allow agency customers to invite team members to their account and assign tasks and due dates to themselves and others. This has been one of the largest requested item related to our Task Management and Automated Workflow system and extremely excited to say it’s now here!

Agency ProPlus and Enterprise customers can now go to the Team Management area (shown below) and invite other team members to the system.


Team members can assign themselves or other team members to the various tasks in the system and assign due dates to each task. Customers can then easily filter and sort task views to see the work they need to manage going forward.

Combining these features with the Custom Task Management capability we added in February, we now have an extremely robust task management system for agencies in the United States, Canada, UK and Australia! Even bigger things to come shortly.