By popular demand we’ve rolled out our Local Report Card for customers in order to summarize the status of a clients’ local business listings. More specifically, our system now summarizes whether a listing Matches, has Possible Errors or is Not Found on the dozens of directories that we track. A small screenshot of the report is below.

Screenshot 2015-07-27 07.51.03


Definitions of each status are below:

  • Listing Matched – The address information provided to the system in our Initial Setup area matches exactly with the Name, Address and Phone Number found on the directory in question.
  • Possible Errors – The address information provided to the system in Initial Setup turns up a listing on a directory that appears to match but some aspects of the listing is different than was what provided. (i.e. different phone number, address or name)
  • Listing Not Found – Based on the information provided, we were not able to find the business listed on the directory in question.

With this Local Report Card clients can now track their progress as they verify and complete various tasks in the task area. The Local Report Card will reflect the various statuses of the Local tasks in the system that have the Green, Yellow, Red statuses. For example, if Yelp is Yellow or says “Possible Errors” on the report, clients can now go to Local 102: Top Local Directories, find Yelp and Verify that the address is correct (if it is). This will move the task to Green or Passed status. Upon hitting the “Refresh” button at the top of the Local Report Card, Yelp in your Local Report Card will also move to Green or “Listing Matched”.

Quick Note: The Local Report Card is only available for active campaigns. After testing it in this area, we will make it available in Sales Tools for Agency software packages.