The UpCity team has been hard at work making some great improvements to our Top Local Agency marketplace, and today we’re ready to unveil what’s new!

The core mission of our Top Local Agency marketplace is to help match small and medium sized local businesses with great digital marketing service providers. What started out as few blog posts highlighting great web designers and SEO companies has evolved into a resource that has generated over 500,000 unique visits and has driven over 2,000 leads. Here’s how we’re making it even better for both the small business and agency communities:

New Page Layout and Enhanced Agency Ranking Methodology

We’re now featuring no more than 15 agencies for each city and specialty (ex. web design, SEO, etc) to not overwhelm businesses. If there are more than 15, we also provide additional pages that will list these businesses assuming they meet our Inclusion GuidelinesWe’ve added in-depth methodology breakdowns to our Top Local Agency portal for all agencies to better understand how we assess and rank agencies, and what you can do to improve your chances of a higher list placement.

New Benefits for Top Local Agencies

As a verified agency on our top list for an agency’s local area, we want to provide top agencies with the tools to help share their success with their existing customers, as well as new prospects. With the updates to Top Local Agecncy, we are now providing verified badging and trust symbols that can be placed on a website or social media profile to help communicate the quality of the businesses selected.

Even More Benefits for Certified Agencies

With our Top Local Agency marketplace, we want to provide our agencies the option to get more than just visibility on a list. With our new certification program for agencies, an agency now gets qualified small business leads as well as more visibility within the Top Local Agency marketplace. Along with the certification, agencies are able to enjoy the many benefits our software platform provides that enable SMB-focused agencies to grow and scale their business.

If you have any questions during about the changes to Top Local Agency marketplace, or questions about our new certification program, feel free to reach out to our Top Local Agency team at

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