Google+ Local and Google+ Business pages can now be merged. To keep confusion to minimum, we have split this post into 2 parts. If you need to understand more about Google+ Pages in general, read the Part 1 Google+ Pages for Your Local Business. If you simply want next steps to merge pages and create Google+ local presence, you’re in the right place.

What to do if:

I doNOThave a Google+ Page for my business…
For a Google page of any kind, you must first have a Google account. Sign-up for Google+ today and help your small business SEO by creating a dynamic presence on the search giant.


I HAD a Google Places Page…
You now have a Google+ Local page. Your customers can find your location on a map and leave a review of your business.

I have a Google+ Business Page but NO Google+ Local Page…
You do not need both. You should have selected that you were a Local business when creating your Google+ account. If you did, follow these steps as listed below for merging two existing pages.


I have a Google+ Business Page AND Google+ Local Page…
You still do but now you can merge them. Managing everything in one place makes life easier for you and your customer. It’s getting more important for local businesses to have active Google+ pages with dynamic content plus the merged pages unify your business listings across search.

1. Click on the ‘Verify Now’ button at the top of your Google + page or the ‘Is this your business’ at the right side of your homepage.
2. Confirm your address as the business owner or official representative of the company.
3. A postcard will be mailed to you with a PIN that you enter in your Google account online.
4. Now you can access to all of the robust features available to a local/social Google+ business listing.

Once you have been verified as the local owner of Google+ Business Page, you will receive a verification check mark on the page that authenticates you as the owner of the social and local profiles for that business.

Important Sidenote: Currently, Google does not support you changing the category to a local business. Read more on the Google verification post.

Stay tuned…

Currently it’s a manual process, helping Google eliminate duplication of business listings. It will likely change in the future. Be sure to read the this blog to stay on top of small business SEO tips. If not sure what Local listings your business has, check out our free Local SEO Report Card to maximize search for your local business.

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