We’ve got some news for those of you in the legal industry. It’s time to rethink your marketing strategy. Marketing has shifted directions, and it’s time to make sure your marketing strategy is on point for bringing in the high quality leads you want.

The focus of your marketing campaign should start with one number. Ninety-six.

This is the percentage of people that begin looking for legal advice with a search engine. That’s almost 100% of potential clients that are making their decision based on your digital marketing presence. How is your marketing strategy optimized to reach a digital market? Here are a few of the top marketing trends that attorneys and law firms need to be paying attention to in the coming year.

Brand Purpose and Engagement of the Heart

Let’s talk for a minute about first impressions. A Princeton University study determined that it takes less than a second to form an initial impression. When a potential client lands on your site or visits your Facebook page, they are going to immediately get a feel for your firm, and they are likely to base their decision of whether to return on that first impression.

What you show to them in that first second, and the several that follow can influence the quality of leads that you generate. Want to know what will make them stay, or come back?

Is it a professional looking portrait of your law firm? No, it isn’t.

How about a social media post that brags about your success rate? Nope.

What your potential clients are looking for is trust, respectability, and emotion that proves you care about your clients and your community more than you care about the bottom line.

In the coming year, we will see more law firms tapping into the power of emotion in their marketing campaigns. Take for instance The Sam Bernstein Law Firm. The law firm launched a program to honor their Hometown Heroes. This was a brilliant marketing move on their part.

law screencap

Not only does it show that they are invested in their community, it appeals to a very emotional issue for many people. The law firm then used media outlets, such as social media and local television to feature the Hometown Heroes program, which of course would make mention of the law firm’s affiliation. The news blurb is also featured on their website.

While this particular example is a couple years old, we can expect to see more and more firms following this leader’s example.

Specialized Focus

We know that often, targeted marketing is the way to win over high-quality leads. Someone who is in search of a personal injury lawyer doesn’t care much about your experience in custody cases. Trying to appeal to mixed audiences is a marketing strategy that falls short.

However, we see niche marketing going even deeper. Law firms are starting to understand the value of micro-niches in creating their marketing strategies. For example, a law firm that is mostly focused on employment law can highlight their lawyers who are qualified to help with immigration issues, since the two areas of practice are so closely intertwined.


For attorneys and law firms, marketing campaigns that are specialized and focused are going to drive higher quality leads because they target a very specific need and are designed to convey authority in the given niche.

Blending Creativity and Technology

Attorneys and law firms start to get smart about creatively using technology to increase their quality leads. Video is one example. Using video on your landing page can increase your conversion rate by 80%.

It isn’t just video on your landing page that is a hot marketing trend right now, it’s video in general that’s driving conversions in pretty much every industry. The legal industry not being an exception.

People love video. So much so that it is expected to be 80% of the content viewed on the web in just a couple short years. Most leads are more interested in watching a video than they are reading a blog post or a legal guide. Plus, video is mobile friendly which is important for optimizing your digital marketing strategy.

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But what type of video do your clients want to see? Your clients want one of two things. To either be entertained or to be educated. You can use video to not just tell them about your law firm, but tell them the story of your law firm. You can use video to not just highlight an area of expertise, but tell a story about how you achieve success with case testimonials included. You can use video to educate on a topic without being dry and unemotional, like text can often be.


Podcasts have gained quite a bit of popularity in the past few years, and the increased use of mobile technology is leading to an explosion of the use of podcasts for marketing. This presents a great opportunity for those in the legal industry.

Before a client converts, they want to feel that you are in a position of authority on their legal needs. Podcasts can help you showcase your skills and expertise, and help to educate potential clients at the same time.

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Podcasts can not only bring in leads that respect your authority, they can also help to weed out unqualified leads by answering questions that they might normally ask during a free consultation. Podcasts are a marketing strategy that the legal industry can use to attract clients and more efficiently use the resources they have.

Is it time to rebuild your marketing campaign into one that is more successful in the current digital marketing climate? Get in touch with one of the top attorney marketing agencies in the United States. They’ll be able to help you start generating the high quality leads your firm deserves.

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