Marketing service providers are changing the way they interact with their audience, acquire new customers, and create passionate brand advocates that will turn into recurring business. With word-of-mouth marketing (WoMM) exploding onto the scene over the past several years as one of the best ways to acquire and convert leads into lasting customers, more and more businesses are looking to integrate this technique into their marketing efforts.

Gone are the days of the traditional sales funnel where your customer acquisition strategy ends at conversion. Today, the most successful marketing providers and agencies are utilizing their customers, fans, and advocates to fill their pipeline: creating a continuous customer acquisition flywheel.

The Flywheel

Funnel vs Flywheel

The traditional sales funnel has dominated the talk of business professionals for decades, but it fails to truly capture the cyclical nature of customer acquisition today. Current customers are your best source of future business and building your marketing strategy around this fact is crucial.

The flywheel allows businesses to conceptualize their marketing efforts around stages of “engage,” “convert,” and “delight” with the idea that the flywheel never stops spinning and the opportunity never ceases. Despite the size of your agency, activating each element of this cycle needs to be a part of your company’s strategy. Transitioning from a funnel to a flywheel doesn’t have to be difficult; data-driven insights have made the customer journey more accessible than ever.

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