When you read about SEO strategies and tips, you’ve probably noticed that the majority of this content is focused on optimizing your site for Google. However, the term SEO refers to search engine optimization in a general sense—so shouldn’t there be more content on optimizing your site for other search engines, such as Bing and Yahoo?

Not necessarily. The most successful marketers these days focus their SEO strategies solely on Google while ignoring other platforms like Yahoo and Bing—and for good reason, as it turns out.

About Yahoo and Bing Searches

First of all, it’s worth noting that Yahoo and Bing make up a negligible amount of traffic for most sites. In fact, it is estimated that these two platforms combined only generate about 15% of total search traffic, and that number is only expected to decrease as time wears on. When most people think about search engines, Google is the first one that comes to mind. This is true not only among Web users in the United States, but on a global level.

Of course, this isn’t to say that Bing and Yahoo aren’t useful search engines. In fact, both platforms are quite advanced, but the fact is that there simply isn’t enough traffic generated for most websites to justify spending the additional time, money, and effort developing an SEO strategy for Yahoo and Bing. Because their traffic and search behaviors differ significantly from that of Google’s, it’s not simply a matter of applying one’s Google strategy across these other platforms. It simply wouldn’t work that way.

It is also worth noting that the way Google’s keyword system works is much different than Yahoo and Bing due to widely different algorithms that are used by each platform.

Focusing on Your Google Ranking

With this information in mind, most websites would be best served to focus their SEO strategies solely on Google. One of the biggest challenges of implementing a successful SEO strategy with Google is that their algorithms tend to change quite often. In this sense, SEO strategies that may have been wildly successful in the past (such as the use of backlink directories and keyword stuffing) are now enough to get a site de-indexed altogether.

This is why it’s so important, as part of your SEO strategy, that you stay on top of all changes and updates to Google’s ranking algorithms. Typically, these are announced with plenty of warning from Google, so there’s really no reason that an update should take you by surprise or derail your strategy.

While it’s true that Yahoo and Bing likely aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, it’s simply not worth the additional time and resources for most sites to consider these platforms in their SEO strategies.

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