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Looking to communicate what makes your firm different from all of your competitors? Or having trouble finding someone who’ll be a great fit for your team? Try putting your corporate culture on display on Instagram.

It’s become a corporate near-necessity to use social media to share an insider’s view of your company but why choose the photo-sharing service to highlight what sets you apart? As of April 2017, Instagram had 700 million users gathering the most recent 100 million in 4 months (it took them 28 months to garner the first 100 million). By 2018, there will be 100 million Instagram accounts in the US alone. 70.7% of US businesses are using Instagram in 2017, and 80% of Instagrammers follow a company on the platform, some with the future goal of working with that business.

AdWeek recently pondered if Instagram was the millennial version of LinkedIn citing that “28% of workers aged 18 through 29 preferred using Instagram as a window into workplace life.” Companies are noticing and increasingly turning to the social platform to promote their internal ethos – and their open jobs. Every company has a culture, and every culture has something unique to offer. It’s up to you to share what makes yours special so here are a few places to start.

Be Genuine

Is your team all about the free pizza Fridays or brewpub happy hours after work? Fantastic! But if you’re not, don’t feel like you have to force that kind of fun to establish your culture. You’ll be much better off being real than presenting a corporate philosophy that you don’t truly believe. Go behind-the-scenes and reveal what the insiders get to see every day, especially if that’s food.

Pooches are a big draw too: just check out Google’s #doogler below or Colle McVoy’s take your dog to work day pic.


Get Creative with Job Postings

While a simple “we’re hiring” message is very unambiguous, Instagram is a visual medium, so a picture is worth at least a thousand words. An imaginative and inventive image can sometimes tell your followers more about your company than the About Us section of your website. 

instagram wellandgood job

Look at what clean living pros Well & Good or chic Canadian Boutique Le Local put together to not only let followers know they are in the market for new talent but also share their corporate voice with prospective hires.

instagram boutique lelocal job posting

Community Events

Instead of telling the world you’re committed to serving your community, show them. The next time your team gathers to feed the homeless, sponsor a blood drive or run a 5k, take a few pictures and share them on your Instagram. Better yet, make a video. Collecting food for a local food bank? Post the details in a cool graphic and share your dedication with the image. Teams that work, play, and make a difference together say a lot about the culture of that company.

Share Your Team Vibe

Sharing photos from your staff is a great way to give insight into your company culture. We spend 8 hours a day (or more) at work, so it’s essential that the team gets along with one another in a positive environment. Start by encouraging your staffers to share their work-related posts with branded hashtags like #weareebay or #hootsuitelife. 

instagram hootsuitelife

But remember, success in this area depends on having a team that’s enthusiastically engaged with your corporate culture as well as images that fit the brand. Establish a few guidelines and let your team know their images are welcome.

nstagram weareebay hashtag

Your corporate culture is what ties your organization together and makes it fun to come to work every day. When you showcase that, you’ll share your story with the Instagram world and draw in new followers, fans, clients, and team members.

Erin Ellison
Erin Ellison
Senior Content and Social Media Marketing Specialist at

Erin Ellison is the Senior Content and Social Media Marketing Specialist for Black Bear Design, a full-service digital marketing agency in Atlanta, Georgia. Before BBD, Erin was a magazine writer and editor for more than a decade with job perks that included getting skincare advice from makeup legend Carmindy, tying Tori Spelling’s shoes, and selecting dozens of pint-sized Halloween costumes for real-life baby models.