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Background on Jayde is a free business-to-business web directory that launched back in 1996. Each business listing contains a company profile, including organized links to internal pages, product pages, specialized content, and more. Each submitted website is hand-reviewed, ensuring that spam does not find its way into the directory. has more than 270,000 business categories that you can use to classify your company.

Jayde ranks businesses within categories similar to Google categories; it uses the amount of traffic by unique searchers to decide the rank. Links with the highest number of clicks rise to the top (for a particular category or search query) while links with the least number of clicks descend lower and lower. In every case, submitting your site to grants you a permanent, relevant listing that builds authority and trust for your site.

Although there are several more up-to-date directories you can submit your website to, stands the test of time to provide free traffic. With our tips below, we can help you get to the right place with local optimization and online visibility.

How to Submit Your Site to Jayde

Step 1. Begin at

Step 2. Click “Submit Your Site” on the right-hand corner of the page.

Step 3. You will be brought to a pop-up window that asks you to decide between using’s own form or connecting with Facebook.

Submit Your Site Using the Original Form

Step 1. If you choose the original form, you can enter your URL and Email to add your site to the directory. Furthermore, you have the option to enter additional listing information (including Business Name, Street Address, etc.) to make your site more visible to users within the directory.

Step 2. After entering the security query, click “Add my Site.”

Step 3. Congratulations! You have now submitted your business listing into

Submit Your Site Using Facebook Connect

Step 1. will connect with your Facebook profile and ask for its information. Click “Okay” to continue.

Step 2. You will be taken to a screen that allows you to input your URL, as well as the option to tell your friends about the listing. Click “Submit” to continue.

Step 3. Next, an optional menu pops up, which displays Company, Keywords, and Description fields to fill in for more specificity on your URL. Click “Submit” to continue.

Step 4. At this point, your listing submission will be finished. You will also be sent an email confirmation to confirm the listing.

And thus ends our quick guide to submitting your website to We’re confident that your website will gain more free traffic as it heads into 2014 tomorrow. Happy New Year!

UpCity members, follow the pathway to complete this task in your UpCity account: Optimize Your Presence > Expand Your Presence > Website 102: Top Web Directories.