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Background on Obtaining Links

Getting sites to link to your site is extremely important to improve the overall rankings of your site as each link counts as a ‘vote’ for the content of your site. Some sites have more ‘voting power’ or ‘link strength’ in the eyes of the engines.

You’ll usually want to get as many links as possible from reputable sites. The better quality links you get linking to your site, the more authority you obtain in the eyes of Google Search.

There are several ways you can obtain a backlink from a strong website. We’ll go into detail here in this quick tip guide.

Another thing to keep in mind that although you may get a good response the majority of the time, not everyone will be as open to sharing links. Just give it your best shot and always expect the best!

How to Obtain a Link

1. Include Your Target Site in a List of Resources

One way to obtain a link is to simply link to the web page first as a valuable resource. Then simply search for a contact form and send a message similar to this one:

Hello (Site Owner),

I am the owner of (your site) and I noticed your website, (website URL). I’m compiling a list of resources and decided to add you to the list, as our audience is made up of […] who would certainly be interested in learning from you.

I was wondering if you would consider adding a link of ours to your website. Here’s a link I think your audience would like: (website URL).

Let me know if this link could be of use. Thanks!

Your Name

The key to this technique is the offering of value. If you have a resource that they could legitimately find useful and you demonstrate that they could be of use to your audience, you’ve just shown that swapping links would be beneficial for all parties involved.

2. Write a Guest Post

This is another time-tested practice that works really well. Although Google has recently penalized the usage of guest blogging as an SEO technique, it’s still useful if you want to market your site on a relevant website.

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, keep your content at a high quality and don’t focus purely on SEO.

3. Do a Collaboration to Create a Digital Product

Often times, site owners come together to create a digital product. Whether it’s an infographic or a white paper, or anything along those lines, when you’re working together on a project, exchanging links is a no-brainer.

Again, the win-win for both sides is emphasized here, as you both get links from each other once the product is complete.

In Conclusion:

The main idea here is to exchange quality content. Create content, contact website owners, exchange links, and repeat the process in order to inevitably rise through the search engine rankings.

Good luck! Leave any questions you may have below in the comments section.

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