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  This week, we’re focusing on, a quality worldwide web directory for  businesses. According to CrunchBase, more than 34 million companies across 240 countries are currently published in Brownbook. As a large, SEO-friendly directory, Brownbook is free for business owners to publish a listing. In addition to building a quality inbound backlink to you site, its unique self set-up allows ALL users to post a review or update about your business.


Click here to begin adding and/or claiming your business on Brownbook.

Customized listings on Brownbook are easy, simple and free to create. Although anyone can submit to Brownbook, it’s much easier to become a registered Brownbook member before updating a listing. If you are not already registered with Brownbook, you have to verify every contribution request via verification email.

To begin, you will want to check if your business is already listed with Brownbook. Click here to search for your business in the Brownbook database (as shown in the screenshot below). You can easily edit, update, or add more details to a current listing.

If your business is already displayed on Brownbook and you need to update the profile information, use this link to get started. As mentioned above, registered users can begin right away, while first-time users are asked to verify their updates via email. If your site isn’t yet listed on Brownbook, click now to begin publishing your free Brownbook listing.

Enhance It

As you move through the details in the profile area, it is important that you complete the business information to the greatest extent possible, which will bring the most value to your listing. This important rule applies to all directories that you list your site: Make sure your business information is consistent and correct across all your local directory listings, especially the business name, address, email, phone number, and website. Try to include your targeted keywords when you can, and be sure to provide a few links back to your website.

You can add as much customization as you want to your profile – photos, keywords, videos, logos, social media, information, external widgets, and more. The more details you add to your profile, the more likely it will stand out. It’s not imperative to add every single detail, but you may as well take about 15 minutes or so. If you are creating directory listings on a consistent basis, you should have  your company profile information gathered in one place so it’s easily accessible and can be copied and pasted in no more than a few minutes.

To improve your placement in the Brownbook search rankings, the more active you will need to be. In other words, your business most likely will not appear at the top of a search if you only check your Brownbook page once a year.

One feature that sets Brownbook apart from other business directories is its encouragement of peer-to-peer reviews. Why not suggest customers submit a review on your Brownbook page in addition to your Yelp or CitySearch page? Furthermore, Brownbook offers a helpful questions database for its customers, including an FAQ, glossary, and developer help. In addition, be sure to check out Brownbook’s press page. This is a nice feature if you have a few minutes to explore some articles and coverage from various business and marketing publications.

UpCity members, follow this pathway to complete this task in your UpCity account: Optimize Your Presence > Expand Your Presence > Top Web Directories.

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