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Keeping up with the changes in social media can be a full-time job. If you don’t have the time or interest, don’t panic. Call UpCity. As a trusted advocate for small businesses, we can guide you through the many options and offers before you, as well as provide suggestions for improved social media results. 

One of the recommended tasks that are part of the UpCity software is Linking Your Website to Google Plus.

There are several benefits to doing this. The biggest is that your Google Plus page and your website will rank better in the Google search results. This means you’ll be found more often and more easily when people are searching for your products or services.

There are specific steps to connecting Google with your site, and the reason is so no one other than you, the site owner, can accomplish this.

If you’re interested in linking your website to Google Plus, here is how you do it:

The first step is to open your Google Plus account and click on the Home tab on the upper left. The drop-down box will open and you can scroll down to Pages and click on that. It will open the Google My Business page. You’ll see two tabs, one is LOCATIONS, but the one you want to select is BRAND PAGES.

Go to your brand page and click on Manage Page, then Edit, then About. You’ll see a box that is labeled Links, click Edit to open that and type in your website URL.

If you have not created a Google Plus business page, go to and click Get Started so you can locate your business and add it to Google.

If you already have some business pages and want to add another one, go to Google My Business page, click on the plus sign on the  bottom right. Add the URL and other information, then select a way to verify, usually either a text or a phone call. Once you receive and input the code, your page is added.

Then you can go to that brand page and add your website URL.

The second step is to insert code on your website so that Google is linked to it, and you can add a badge or button so that your users can join your circles without leaving your website.

Go to then scroll down and select a follow button or a badge, as you prefer, and either will allow your users to add your page immediately without having to leave your site.

If you have more than one website added select your Google Plus user (your website) from the drop-down.

You can choose small, medium or large size, and a style with annotation or without, depending on what you want and what fits best with your website.

In the code box you’ll see two kinds of code – one to put on head section of website and the other is to show where you want the button or badge to appear on your site.

Put the first code in the head section and save. Then add the second bit of code to the location where you want the button or badge to be displayed. It may not be visible until you save it and refresh the front end page.

Now they are connected!

One more thing to check before you go. When you went to the Google My Business page, there was a tab called LOCATIONS. Click on this tab and click on Manage Location on the website you choose.

If you have a local business, it’s crucial that you complete your Google listing so it’s as up to date as possible. That includes not only your location, but your business hours, category and introduction about your business or service.

Once you fill out the information, you will need to verify with Google that you are you and the listing is legit. The most common way to do this is for Google to send a postcard to the location you have listed. Even if you do not want your location listed, this is the procedure. You can indicate you do not want your location listed when you fill out the details for your profile page, but no changes will be active until your identity is verified.

Depending on the circumstances, verification might be available through a phone call or text, but postcards are the most frequent option.

There are other Google tools that can be used for your business. They include a Plus 1 Button so visitors can recommend your business and posts, a Share plugin that will also make it easy for people to share within their circles, Embedded posts, which add public posts to your web pages, and Snippet, which allows you to customize what people see when they share your posts.

There are many opportunities to use social media to attract new customers, and UpCity can help you decide which ones are the best for your business. As an UpCity member, you get a detailed, personalized action plan to optimize your website and a team available to assist you as you need it.

Have you connected your website with Google Plus, and have you seen results? Please let us know your experience in the comments section below. 

Editor’s Note: This blog post originally appeared in July 2013. It has been updated to reflect pricing & offering changes, as well as newly available tools and solutions.

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