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Background of Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a non-profit organization that has helped businesses for more than 100 years. The organization’s main goal is to promote ethical business behavior and to build trust between buyers and sellers in the market. The trust bureau is comprised of millions of consumer requests and business reviews. What’s better is that your business can apply to join.

Your business can apply to join the Better Business Bureau and become a partner of this this trusted non-profit group! homepage

Build Local Trust and Create a Quality Link

Once your business is accepted into its local department, it is is provided with accreditation. You will be given a quality link back to your business website on the BBB website. We recommend you adding the BBB icon on your website as well. With this visible trust symbol, you can establish your connection to the Bureau and increase customer trust. Your site’s local authority and visibility will certainly get a boost once you align your business with top authorities like the Better Business Bureau.

Remember that to be eligible for accreditation, your business needs to be located within the United States, established for at least one year, demonstrate sound business practices, and meet the other accreditation standards listed on your specific geographic site. Click here to view a list of BBB locations.

How to Apply to Join the Better Business Bureau

Step 1. Type your City and State into the BBB Locator field on the homepage. Then press “Enter.”

enter location bbb

Step 2. You will be automatically directed to your location’s local BBB website. In the upper left hand corner blue box, click “For Businesses.”

chicago bbb homepage

Step 3. After you reach the “For Business” page, click “Apply for BBB Accreditation” right below the page header.

apply for bbb accreditation chicago

Step 4. The next step from here is to click the orange “Apply for BBB Accreditation” button to head to the individual form.

click to apply for bbb accreditation chicago

Step 5. At this point, you will need to carefully complete all of the necessary information in the accreditation form.

Step 6. Once you complete the data entries and check over your work, hit the “Submit” button. Then, a BBB consultant will follow up with your business for next steps, as each location is set up slightly different.

bbb accreditation form

Joining your local Better Business Bureau is a relatively simple process for creating a huge opportunity for your business. Your company should experience no problem becoming a member if it successfully fulfills the Council of Better Business Bureau qualifications. Congratulations in applying!

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