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Local SEO is the practice of optimizing your website to include geographically-focused keywords, schema markup, or physical business locations in order to target local audiences. If you are a local business with a physical locayion, this type of web marketing is an easy strategy to gain rankings and increase your search traffic. All types of brands, including dentists, gym facilities, restaurants social media agencies, and more, benefit from local customers finding their businesses through search engines.

Search engines put more stock into local businesses that list a street address or other local information on their websites. With the help of local indicators (address, map, phone number), you can quickly boost the visibility of your website in specifically targeted geographic locations.

Not only that, it is important for customers to know how to get in contact with you.  They should never have to search for your contact information throughout your website; your email and phone number should always be listed clearly! Many businesses still neglect to include these necessary details, which leaves consumers baffled. Remember that you will build more trust with your shoppers if you create a simple way for them to get in touch with you.

Also, it is essential to ensure your business information is displayed on every page of your site. A global footer helps complete this strategy (“global” meaning that the object shows up on multiple pages). For other local tasks to keep in mind for 2014, check out 20 Smart Local SEO New Year’s Resolutions for 2014.

Three Steps to Optimize Your Local Information

1. Place your U.S. address using standard format in the website footer.

Include a standard format U.S. address on your site. Make sure to list your full physical address (including the street name, city, state, zip code) in legible copy.

2. Include your local phone number in the footer.

Including your business’s local phone number throughout the website will help its local visibility. Insert the complete local number (including the area code) right next to the rest of your business information.

3. Optimize your “Contact Us” page.

A business’s “Contact Page” is another strong asset that feeds into your local indicators. The “Contact Us” page should include every physical location the business operates under, along with each individual address, phone number, and map layout. To learn more  about how to create a fully fleshed out Contact Page, refer to our previous articles on the subject.

UpCity members, follow the pathway to complete this task in your UpCity account: Optimize Your Presence > Expand Your Presence > Website 201: Web Optimization.