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There’s no denying that everybody uses Google. Whether you’re buying a car, looking for advice, or trying to improve your business… you’re probably “Googling” it. Google has become the go-to source for research in our lifetime. If your business isn’t set up on Google, you miss a huge opportunity to be found by the right people, at the right time, in search of the exact products or services you offer. Furthermore, Google is constantly changing, and although it is a very user-friendly platform, it is your business that must adapt to get noticed by its users.

Why is using Google My Business important for your business?

Reason #1: Be where your audience is!

The reality is that “Googling information” is just part of society’s behavior now. Even my father who is just on the cusp of 80 years old, refers to Google for everything. In fact, he recently criticized his own grandchildren (one of them belonging to me) for not researching enough online before preparing for a purchase. If you don’t have an active Google listing, you are missing a huge opportunity in terms of exposure in the buyer’s research phase.

Online reviews stat

Reason #2: People trust other people – not businesses!

Think about it – do you trust a faceless business? People trust other people not businesses. it is essential for businesses to ensure that you are amplifying that trust. Reviews are what make people feel comfortable, and comfortable people finalize decisions. If you want your business to grow – then build on your Google Reviews! A recent statistic showed that 85% of people trust reviews as much as a personal recommendation from a friend, making online reviews crucial for any business.

Google Rating

Reason #3: People like to do their research BEFORE they purchase in a local store!

Don’t get caught up in the hype that local businesses are losing out. Sure, there are studies that show that local foot traffic is down by 57% in some cities BUT what doesn’t get covered by the media is that the average sale in a local business has increased by 3 times. Meaning that people may do a lot of the research of a product ahead of time, but when they go to a store to look at it – they most likely already have the intent to purchase it. So, go ahead and invest in great customer service – because your audience is only looking for a reason NOT to purchase the product.

It is important to ensure that you have enough information, reviews and content to give the customer all the information they would need to purchase. Optimize all business descriptions and content for SEO in order to boost organic search Google rankings.

local business stat

We are living in an amazing time, with almost unlimited access to information, and most of it available through Google. Google My Business is one great tool that will help you get (and keep) more customers, so go ahead and harness that technology!  

How do I know? We use it too! The key is to just get on it and maintain it. Once you have your Google My Business account set up, make sure you keep checking back regularly.

Here is an example of how we use Google My Business:

maguire example

GMB Example

Here is another example of how Google My Business is being used successfully:

maguire example 2

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