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With 45% of the world on social media and the average person spending nearly 3 hours a day on it, it’s no surprise that it’s so essential to business today. In addition to a website, a strong social media presence is essential for every business today. With more than two million monthly active users on the Facebook alone, we can see why it’s as important as it is to businesses today. 

If you are a Facebook user yourself, you are probably aware of how common it is to get bombarded with paid advertisements and sponsored posts. As a business owner, it seems almost impossible to make your content stand out among everyone else’s. 

You might be surprised to know that even though those paid advertisements are being seen, they are rarely effective, especially when it comes to the long-term success of your business. It’s also crucial to understand that a business cannot succeed on Facebook without an organic social media strategy

Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement


Facebook and all other social media was created to be a communication platform. Although Facebook is a great way to advertise and promote your business, you should be using Facebook to build a relationship with your audience. Consumers love getting to know businesses and knowing that there is more to the company than just trying to make a quick sale. They want to know that a business cares about its products, its customers, and providing value to their lives. 

This is precisely why an organic Facebook marketing strategy is much more effective in the long run than focusing exclusively on paid. Engaging with your audience is simple: all you have to do is start a conversation. Ask audiences to share their experiences; take polls about people’s preferences; hold small giveaways that encourage engagement. At the end of the day, Facebook is about having a place to talk to your audiences in a genuine, authentic manner.

Post Consistently at the Right Time

Have you had some posts that were a lot more popular than others? If so, be sure to check out the times that these posts were made. Posting at the right time when most of your followers are active on Facebook will maximize your reach. 

The more often you post at the times when your followers are active, the more likely they are to see them and engage with you. This will help your posts appear in their newsfeeds more and more often. 

It’s also important to post consistently. When someone comes to your Facebook page, you want them to see that you are active and engaged with your audience. Posting regularly helps create consistent engagement, greater visibility, and a better first impression!

Keep it Short and Sweet

Did you know that according to Facebook Data users on a mobile device only spend 1.7 seconds consuming each content item and computer users only spend 2.5 seconds? If your post is too long, it will probably be looked at without being read, and the user will continue to scroll down their newsfeed without engaging. 

In addition to keeping the content short, it needs to be high quality. This means creating something that is interesting, attention grabbing, or adds value in some way. It’s also important to remember that posts that include an image are more likely to be seen, so always have some sort of visual to grab their attention. While it’s a cliché that “a picture speaks a thousand words,” it’s very true in the case of Facebook posts.

Get Out of the Ad Mindset

Just because your newsfeed is clogged with paid advertisements, doesn’t mean there’s no other way for your posts to get engagement. These organic Facebook strategies are more effective in the long run and are way more affordable in comparison to paid ads. 

This doesn’t mean that there’s not a time and place to give a post the occasional boost. If you’ve got a well-performing piece of content that could draw in new audiences, it doesn’t hurt to pay to boost it, but paying for ads is a mindset that you should stay away from as a day-to-day strategy. 

Daniel Klein
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Daniel Klein was born and raised in Atlanta, Ga. He served 8 years in the Army Intelligence community and upon exit moved into a project management role helping Home Depot, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, IQVIA, and Fiserv with their strategic projects and initiatives.

In 2016 Daniel began marketing consulting, focusing on how companies can build honest and strong relationships with potential and current clients at scale.

Flash forward to present day and Joseph Studios is a fast growing company with an US-based team of SME marketers and a blossoming portfolio of successful and happy clients.