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Background on Google Plus

Connecting and following leaders specific to your industry can provide invaluable leads, connections, and industry news. Google Plus allows you to create circles for specific groups and areas of interest. Your ‘business’ circle should include leaders in your industry.

Authority is not created alone. It is created in alignment with peers at or greater than your level of expertise. Google Plus can be one of the best ways to connect with influencers because the platform ability to foster tight knit communities.

In this quick guide, we’ll show you how to find industry leaders, as well as offer tips to find new communities.

How to Find Google Plus Industry Leaders

Step 1. Start at the Google Plus Homepage.

Step 2. Go to the You May Know section for first suggestions on who to follow on Google Plus. Click “View More.”

Step 3. Search colleague and other industry leaders. Follow these people, then reach out as appropriate with your questions and comments to start to build a relationship. You can look through coworkers, classmates, and even your college network for more connections.

Best Practices for Google Plus

  • If you want to start building relationships with an influencer, follow them first and then start adding value to their posts by commenting.
  • When we say “add value by commenting,” we mean by adding new information that others can gain knowledge from. A “Great post!” comment, isn’t going to cut it.
  • Be approachable: even if people reach out to you aren’t exactly who you’re looking for, always learn from them and offer assistance in return.
  • Join the same groups as your influencer — become a dominant, helpful presence in their world.
  • You can always search for new groups and communities using the Google Plus search function. This way you can look into each group/communities and follow people who post the best resources or comments.

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