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LinkedIn is a professional social network for business contacts to establish connections with each other. The popular network boasts more than two million Groups and 50,000 entrepreneurs and small businesses. It is certainly worthwhile to stand firm with your niche and build a network based on industries relevant to your business. Quick tip: While you can only pick up to 50 groups to join, devote your time to a few related groups as an advocate of your company page.

LinkedIn is ideal for the digitally connected business owner. It can notify businesses of new clients, new business opportunities, and potential partnerships. Additionally, employees who sign up for LinkedIn will help boost content to gain more traction in your network. Even better, you and your team members can join groups and start business discussions around important topics. Joining groups allows you to gain credibility in LinkedIn, ensuring that your visiblity in the social network’s search engines. Furthermore, putting a greater investment into LinkedIn groups will do wonders for your lead generation and sales strategy.

linkedin homepage

To join relevant groups, it is important you know exactly what you’re looking for to save time. Thankfully, LinkedIn has a robust search engine that takes note of several significant factors.

Let’s get right into the process of looking for related groups to your website.

How to Find Relevant LinkedIn Groups

1. Start at (You cannot join Groups unless you have a LinkedIn profile. Read this article to learn how to create one).

2. Find a LinkedIn group to join. There are two ways to search for finding related groups.

First, if you’re looking for quick Group suggestions:

a. Go to the “Interests” tab.

groups tab

b. Click “Groups” in the dropdown menu.

c. You will see a page that displays current groups you are already a member of, as well as suggestions at the bottom of the page.

suggested groups

Second, if you’re looking for different LinkedIn Groups:

a. Click the dropdown list icon next to the search bar at the top of the page and select “Groups.”

dropdown icon linkedin

b. Type in whatever keywords are relevant to your industry. Once you start typing, a dropdown list shows suggestions. Choose from any of those items, or click the magnifying glass for more results.

group suggestions list

c. Here you will see a list of assorted groups that you can either “Join,” “View,” or “Search Within” for specific discussion topics within the group. You cannot join certain groups unless you click through to their pages.

groups list

d. If you are interested in more specific group search results, click on the “Advanced” tab on the top left of the page.

advanced search linkedin

3. Click a group and look around the discussion boards or page to find if it is relevant for your business. If you like the group, click “Join.” You are all set!

join linkedin group

Best Practices After Joining Your LinkedIn Groups

  • Don’t try to participate in a large number of groups all at once. Join enough to read a variety of news, but stick to no more than five groups. This strategy allows you to actively participate, and it is not too overwhelming.

  • Control the frequency of emails you wish to receive in your settings area.

  • Read discussion topics to get content ideas.

  • Check the quality of a group before you join it. See if members are contributing valuable conversation or are merely dropping links.

  • Contribute to different discussions over time to become recognized as an authority.

UpCity members, follow this pathway to complete this task in your UpCity account: Become An Authority > Become An Authority Basics > Social Networking 101: Join the Conversation.