Google Plus is a very robust social media platform. The growing social network is at the top of the list in terms of the connectivity and flexibility available between users (Example: organizing hangouts, editing posts, tagging individual users, targeting separate circles, etc.).

In previous blog posts, we walked you through how to become a Google Plus expert, as well as provided you with the best blogs, communities, and pages to become an expert. Through our journey of the Google Plus world, the next important skill to learn is the most effective ways to engage your followers.

Learning these engagement methods will help to actively build your customer trust, humanize your business, and increase traffic to your site. Giving value to your online media platforms reflects your business’s culture and pays dividends in the long run!

In this article, you will learn how brands and individuals are utilizing Google Plus for optimum engagement. Follow these examples, and you will discover the marketing power of Google Plus for your business!

 +DustinStout promotes his circles and encourages people to join.

dustin w. stout circles

+DoubleClick Digital Marketing effectively uses hashtags to target specific audiences.

+MakeUseOf runs exciting giveaways to incite social sharing.

makeuseof gplus giveaway

+AndroidHeadlines encourages followers to talk directly to its staff and join its circles on Google Plus.

android headlines gplus circles

+SocialMediaExaminer invites users to join its educational Google Hangouts hosted by industry experts.

social media examiner gplus hangout

+SiteGround puts employees front-and-center to show the business’s human side.

siteground employee google plus

 +Philosoraptor takes advantage of popular current events.

 +SocialSolutionsCollective showcases guest writers by tagging them in their posts.

social solutions tagging

+GoogleEarth plays games with its followers. This particular game below is based on guessing the correct geographical locations of the posted image.

google earth plus

+Karin Sebelin publishes inspirational quotes for her circles.

karin sebelin quote

+TimClary posts photo albums based on current events and media news.

tim clary breaking bad

+HomeDecorating displays stylish photos on home decor and asks for the opinions of readers.

+ScottBuehler includes interesting gifs in his posts to help drive engagement.

scott buehler google plus gif

+Ghulam e Mustafa shares humorous images.

Ghulam e Mustafa gplus

+POPSUGARFood puts high quality photos in its stream for food-friendly readers.

+BuddhistGeeks notifies their followers of live, local events to attend, joining the disconnect between online and offline engagement.

buddhist geeks local

+Tested puts up short, action videos for its followers.

+MylesGolden shares his site’s content and asks engaging questions.

+FundersandFounders creates visually compelling infographics.

founders and founders infographic

+JesseWojdylo utilizes sharp images of different areas on his Google Plus page.

jesse wojdylo quality photos

While these are some of the best examples to follow once you create your Google Plus page, the most important “trick” by far is actively communicating with all sorts of users. Go outside your industry and provide value without requiring anything in return. Connect with the person behind the screen and watch the engagement grow exponentially. Hint: It takes time and consistent updates; don’t expect one post to magically increase your followers.

If you want to share other examples and tips to connect with your Google Plus followers, let us know down below! We always respond to comments.