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Background on LinkedIn Publishing

Linkedin’s content initiative began with the acquisition of Pulse in 2013. The main goal for the platform was to have it be the definitive publishing platform for professionals. For now, the numbers remain at more than 30 million reported Pulse users, across 190 countries, and with more than 750 influencers on the platform. Today, we’re positive the numbers are even higher, as in February 2014, Linkedin announced that soon all members will be given access to publishing long or short-form blog posts straight from their accounts.

Why should you participate in publishing content on LinkedIn Publisher? Well, for one, you’ll be able to more easily make yourself an authority from within your niche. When you publish content that engages, inspires, and helps your customers and colleagues, you’re demonstrating incredible value to your industry. Business owners that neglect this aspect of LinkedIn, such a relied-upon social network for professional connections, are doing themselves a massive disservice. The networking potential to find new business partners is incredible.

Another reason to become a more active content publisher on Linkedin is that you can grow the traffic to your site. If your content is good enough, there should be no surprise that industry members find their way to your place of business. There’s an even higher chance they’d be willing to make use of your products and services.

In this post, we’ll walk you through the first step to becoming a content publisher on LinkedIn: by creating your first blog post on the platform. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

How to Create Your First Blog Post on LinkedIn

Step 1. Start at

Step 2. In your status box (where you would normally put status updates), go to the “Pencil” icon. Click it to “Create a Post.”

Step 3. You will now come to a nifty word-editor to write fully-formed post complete with links, images, and video. This also a helpful guide to get you started on the path to writing well on LinkedIn.

Step 4. After you complete your post and doing the mandatory spell-check and editing, hit “Publish” to release your post to your connections.

Best Practices for Publishing on LinkedIn

For more information, check out LinkedIn’s helpful guide to publishing long-form blog posts here.