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Background on is one of the largest question and answer platforms on the Internet with more than 225 million registered users. It’s also a one-stop shop for getting solutions across mobile, social, and desktop platforms. By answering questions here and posting your answers on Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter, you can elevate your online authority and relevancy.

How to Create an Account on

Step 1. Start at

Step 2. Sign in with Facebook, Google, Twitter, or Email. For the purposes of this guide, we move forward with email.

Enter all of the information fields, and click “Sign up with email.”

Step 3. Next, choose five categories related to your niche. Once you complete this step, click “Finish.”

Step 4. The next step is to determine your level of expertise. asks you to describe why you are in expert in any of your chosen categories. Write a short sentence on this and click “Finish.”

Step 5.  Now you’ve completed the process to getting an account on Now you can search for questions to answer by clicking “Search questions” on the left-hand side.

Step 6.  Furthermore, you can ask questions related to your field of expertise in order to start getting answers and begin communicating. Write out your question and hit “Submit” to start receiving answers!

Best Practices for

You should then share your answers via Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn to continue to build up your social credibility.

Build a presence in the community of your choice by answering questions and responding to member feedback.

Try and add value in related niches. For example, you might be able to ask and answer questions related to business even though your main industry is marketing.

Feel free to dip into different categories surrounding your interests. You’ll never know who you might end up giving value to.

UpCity members, please follow the pathway to complete this task in your UpCity account: Become an Authority > Become an Authority Basics > Social Networking 101: Join the Conversation.