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An About Us page is quite valuable yet often overlooked. Simply put, an About Us webpage captures a reader’s attention, tells customers what the business or product is about, and who runs it. In fact, some SEO experts refer to it as the “Make it or break it page.” That’s pretty important.

Adding an About Us page to your business site offers an opportunity to highlight your team’s expertise and qualifications. An About Us page also lifts credibility and trust for the reader, which is an important reason for visiting any site trying to sell something. In addition, another web page filled with original content is an easy and low-cost strategy to get you more real estate and ranking in search engines results.

Set-Up Process Tips:

Follow these best practices to create an About Us page:

  • The page doesn’t have to be put a one-person job. This can be a creative and motivating project that your entire business or a group of people can work together and create.
  • Feature the team page in the top or secondary navigation of the site. Customers are more likely to find and learn about the background of your company and its core team members when it’s easily accessible. We’d advise you to include the page in the sitemap as well.
  • If you’re creating the page on your own and not asking a graphic designer or third party for help, don’t worry! The About Us webpage is one of the simplest layouts you can feature on any site. The About Us page can most likely be added through your content management system (CMS) or website, such as WordPress, Joomla, etc.

Features of the About Us Page

Wondering what to include on the page itself? A wonderful aspect about an About Us page is that it has no absolutely to specific rules on what items you HAVE to include. Overall we highly recommend the page itself should be attractive and easy on the eyes. The page should encourage the reader to desire to read more, click through other pages on the site, and hopefully create  conversions.

Here are some more ideas to capture:

  • Provide information about your company that is relevant to your business and important to your customers. If you are unsure of what details to add, start with the basics – who, what, where, when, why, how.
  • Try telling the story of your business. Personalization and planning will help produce a great story. How did the company all come to place? The story can be a few sentences or paragraphs long; you don’t need to write an essay here. Remember, you want to make the page look inviting and accessible.
  • If you are including team biographies or backgrounds, verify the information is styled similarly. For example, you may want to have all bios feature a photo and be about the same length. You can also divide how you want to organize the bios by position or level in your company. The featured material doesn’t need to be too long either. When in doubt, keep it short! The content should be engaging and not bore the reader. More importantly, make it fun to read!
  • Incorporate social media contact information for team members. Social media emphasizes the personalities behind your company. Sharing  social media handles, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, email, and others demonstrate various positive impacts for the business and the staff. Social sharing is a simple method for outreach and networking, it builds more authority and reach, and it encourages individuals to create original content and connections.
  • Enhance with images or videos. Always display a logo, but why not think about uploading dynamic content as well? Examples include your office, your building, a favorite Friday treat, or various action photos of your co-workers. Creative video ideas could be reading your bios for one another, or retelling your business story through a video or even a videotaped dry-erase board. Be sure to label your graphics appropriately so they make sense to the viewer.
  • Be professional, but lighten it up if you can.

Overall, remember to keep your content fresh, entertaining, and to the point. With those quick tips in mind, your About Us page is a wonderful approach to generate traffic and buzz to your site.

UpCity members, follow the below pathway to complete this task in your UpCity account: Optimize Your Presence > Advanced Presence Optimization > Website 301: Advanced Website Optimization.

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