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Background on Content

Content that adds value to potential/existing clients is always a great blog post. After post is created, promote it to all of your social media channels. Having people share and link to your content is a strong inbound marketing strategy.

How to Create a Glossary

In your CMS, add a new post on Glossary of Terms. Write a one or two unique sentences for each Term. Never duplicate what was originally written as you will likely be penalized by the search engine.

Try to publish weekly but aim for a minimum of at least once a month. Search engines love fresh content and it has a strong impact on rankings.

Post guidelines:

  • Aim for 400-600 words at a minimum.
  • Place targeted keywords in the first paragraph or as they naturally fit.
  • Cross-link to other articles on your site.
  • Include hyperlinks out to external quality resources. Linking out to others adds credibility to your blog and encourages other authors to link back to you.
  • Set your CMS to have external links open in a new window.
  • Include images and other multi-media in your posts whenever possible. It’s good for people and search engines!
  • Include tag text on all images and multi-media.
  • Your social media promotion should direct customers to your post. Text might be something like, “Check out this week’s top XXX news, and learn how it might impact you.”
  • Provide shortened link from a provider, such as that goes directly to your post.

UpCity members, please follow the pathway to complete this task in your UpCity account: Become an Authority > Become an Authority Basics > Local 201: Additional Local Directories.